Madden NFL 23 Closed Beta’s Most Significant Changes

Madden NFL 23 Closed Beta's Biggest Changes

Madden NFL 23 was recently in closed beta. Player feedback will be used for dramatic changes in the next entry.

A recent Madden NFL 23 closed beta generated player feedback and introduced a number of exciting changes coming to the football simulation series. The yearly EA Sports franchise kicked off back in 1988, and since then each new entry has improved and expanded gameplay. This year, the box art for Madden NFL 23 will feature John Madden himself to honor the life of the late coach and color commentator, and the title will also make various changes to gameplay across the franchise’s many game modes.

Since 1988’s publication John Madden Football the franchise has evolved to emphasize photorealistic graphics and immersive National Football League gameplay. The franchise’s latest installments feature iconic players such as Patrick Mahomes from Kansas City and Tom Brady from Tampa Bay. This allows fans to experience their football fantasies in an interactive environment. Last year Madden NFL 22 A number of new immersive mechanics were introduced, including a Home Field advantage system, quick touch passes, and upgrades to the Franchise management game mode. These Madden NFL 22 upgrades pushed the boundaries of realism, and Madden NFL 23 is expected to be an even more robust and realistic football experience.


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While only a few lucky players have gotten to actually play the next entry in the series, Madden NFL 23 The franchise’s namesake will likely be the inspiration for the game. John Madden was an NFL commentator and coach, who led the Oakland Raiders from greatness in 1969 to 1978. The beloved EA Sports series is named after him. Under Madden, the Raiders won Super Bowl XI and made eight playoff appearances, with Madden later moving on to a successful career as a beloved commentator. John Madden sadly died on December 28, 2021, with the football community joining together to mourn the loss and celebrate the football legend’s impressive legacy. Madden’s name will be honored by a petition NFL 23 cover appeared shortly after his passing, and Electronic Arts has gone through with the touching tribute.

Madden NFL 23 Is Making Massive Gridiron Changes

The reveal of the Madden NFL 23 covers comes on the anniversary of the original John Madden Football release on June 1, 1988

Player feedback from the recent Madden NFL 23 closed beta has been detailed by Electronic Arts along with some notable changes coming in the franchise’s next installment. Electronic Arts has reported that the gameplay balance has been changed, making it harder to repeat the same plays. Tuning and AI adjustments will improve the speed of pulling linemen, making it easier for them to react. Pass rushing will also become more powerful and will reduce the chance of fumbling. Madden FNL 23’s progression and skill systems have also been overhauled, with players now able to “re-spec” their players to reassign skills. Closed beta feedback will help to make the final version of Madden NFL 23 This entry is a very tight and polished entry to the series.

The Madden NFL franchise is known for its realism, with EA even using Madden NFL to make a Super Bowl prediction that typically comes true (one exception being the Bengals’ loss last year). Many players were disappointed with the lackluster level of polish. Madden NFL 22The series’ next entry will be more meticulous in every detail and mechanic. A closed beta is a great way of generating feedback. Madden NFL 23 It is an enjoyable and balanced experience that honors John Madden’s legacy.

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Source: Electronic Arts

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