‘Magic Mike’ Actor Joe Manganiello Discovers Through ‘Finding Your Roots’ That He’s Part Black | News

‘Magic Mike’ Actor Joe Manganiello Discovers Through ‘Finding Your Roots’ That He’s Part Black | News

Joe ManganielloHe has played many iconic roles. You can find him as the werewolf Alcide Herveaux on five seasons of HBO’s series. True bloodBig Richie, Magic Mike,Over the past 20 years, the actor has certainly made a name.

But it’s his actual name, specifically his last, that may not actually be his at all. Appearing on PBS’ show Finding Your Roots, where guests have their family tree thoroughly studied by the program’s researchers, host Henry Louis GatesThe bombshell was dropped on the 45-year old.

According to Gates, the man Manganiello’s family believed to be his paternal grandfather really wasn’t. “My grandfather was a Black man of mixed race,” Manganiello, who is white, told TV critics during a meeting Thursday (July 28), according to the Associated Press. “That was fascinating.”

Gates, as a result, told him, “You are zero percent genetically related to anyone named Manganiello in the world.”

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That wasn’t all, the show’s research also traced back to the actor’s fifth great-grandfather who was a slave and became free before slavery was abolished in Massachusetts, where Manganiello’s father was born. His father’s family emigrated from Italy.

“None of us would have guessed that if we’d had 10 years of guessing,” he said. “If Manganiello’s not my last name, what is?”

Manganiello, a distant relative of his, joined the Continental Army. He fought alongside Blacks against the British in non-segregated regiments.

The PBS program also probed into Manganiello’s mother’s side of the family, finding that his maternal great-grandmother was a survivor of the Armenian genocide during World War I in which her husband and seven of her children were killed.

Finding Your RootsAirs Tuesdays at 8 PM EST.

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