Magu-chan Manga Ends as 2 New Manga Launch in Shonen Jump – News

Magu-chan Manga Ends as 2 New Manga Launch in Shonen Jump - News

New rakugo-themed manga launches next week

The 10th edition of this year’s issue of Shueisha‘s Weekly Shonen JumpOn Monday, the last chapter was published in the magazine. Kei Kamiki‘s Magu-chan, God of Destruction (Hakaishin Magu-chan) manga. The spring 2022 issue will include a 41-page “additional episodes” for the manga. Shueisha‘s Jump Giga magazine.

The manga was published in Weekly Shonen JumpIn June 2020, ShueishaThe seventh volume was published on January 4. The eighth volume of the series will ship in March 4. Viz Media MANGA PlusThe manga is being published digitally in English. Viz MediaThe story of the first volume is described:

Ruru Miyanagi, a normal girl, lives in a boring rural town near the sea. One day, she discovers a beautiful gemstone hidden in the sand while digging for clams. She is unable to cash in on the gem because of a small crack she finds in it. However, when she attempts to repair the crack by herself, the gemstone bursts and Mag Menuek (the god of destruction) appears in its place. Ruru begins a new life with Mag Menuek, an immortal and somewhat-adorable God Of Chaos who is determined to take over the world.

Viz MediaThe manga will also be available digitally in compiled volumes.

The 10th Issue of Weekly Shonen JumpIt also announced it would launch two new series within the next two issues.

Writer Yūki SuenagaIllustration Takamasa Moue (Ole Golazo) will launch the Akane BanashiIn the magazine’s 11th edition on February 14, manga The Manga on traditional storytelling art of Rakugo will feature a 54-page chapter that includes an opening color page. The 11th issue will feature the manga on the cover.

Hideo ShinkaiThen, the launch of the Chikyū no Ko(Child Of Earth) manga in issue 12 on February 21. Additionally, Kōji Miura‘s Blue BoxThe 11th issue will feature a manga with two chapters about Chinatsu, Hina.

Source: Weekly Shonen Jumpissue 10

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