Maki Itō Reveals Original Anime Film Spaceman X – News

Maki Itō Reveals Original Anime Film Spaceman X - News

Sci-fi robot racing film opens 2023

Anime director Maki Itō (formerly Pierre Itō() announced Tuesday that he was producing an original anime title titled Spaceman X ~Sugoi Uchū Daibōken~(Amazing Space Adventure) which he plans to release in theaters by 2023. The anime is the first part of a larger project. Spaceman X project.

The story of the “robot racing action” anime is set in Space Nagoya, and centers on a hotly-blooded protagonist. mecha otaku named “Spaceman X.” Spaceman X uses “Mobile Wheels” giant robots that look like insects to aid in the recovery of his girlfriend Patricia.

These characters are:

Spaceman X is a 24-year old mechanic, garbage collector and Mobile Wheel racer. Patricia, his 14-year-old girlfriend, died in an accident.

Patricia, Spaceman X’s girlfriend and girlfriend, who doesn’t have a body but whose identity is kept in a smart device. She can connect to the machine’s AI and pilot it.

Jennifer, a widow of 32 years. She races on the same machine her husband used while he was alive.

Pierre ItōProduced a series of more than 70 MousemanAnimation shorts, 2016-2018 Dark Child with MousemanThis anime film is based upon his original anime series. Mouseman. The story revolves around the titular protagonist who is transformed into a blue mouse-type Cyborg by a government agency. Itō also produced the Mouseman: Ai no Katamari(The Bundle of Love) was an animated film released in 2020. It ran in theaters between September and October of that year.

Itō debuted the first Kenda Master KenThe online Indies Anime Carnival in May 2020 featured anime The Kenda Master Ken Shingekijōban: Wara(Kendamaster Ken Movie Edition – LOL) is a “remake”, adding scenes to older anime.

HIDIVEThree more Pierre ItōThe following films were shown in February of this year. Sentai FilmworksFilms will be released on home video.

Update: Pronoun corrected. Thanks, Rob19ny.

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