Man admits to trying Naruto in College

Man Admits to Experimenting With Naruto in College

CHICAGO — With society having become more accepting of anime and manga over the years, local man Andy Marban admitted to experimenting with Naruto For a time, in college

“It was brief,” said Marban. “My roommate was like, ‘hey man, they’re playing ShippudenAdult Swim tonight. You in?’ What was I supposed to say? It was a great experience. It’s 2022, everyone is pretty much accepting of the anime lifestyle these days. A little bit of experimentation in college doesn’t make you a weeb, OK?”

Marban’s co-worker, Danny Murray, took notice of Marban’s strange behavior recently and became concerned.

“I walked by his cubicle one night and noticed volume 7 of the manga series Naruto on his desk,” said Murray. “I went outside, and saw he was running to catch a bus. His arms were… extended backwards, much like the ninjas in NarutoI would run. It was all too much. Couldn’t he be into a better series like Bleach?”

Marban became defensive when Marban was asked about the matter.

“Nan—I mean what? He said what? No, I don’t do that anymore, I said that was back in college,” remarked Marban. “If that book got there, that must have been a practical joke or something. Even though the Chuunin Exam is one of the best arcs in the series, there’s no way I would be re-reading that. Not that there’s anything wrong with it.”

Marban was seen proudly sporting a Naruto headband on his forehead at an anime convention.

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