Manga’s Next Publication Date Confirmed By One-PunchMan

One-Punch Man Confirms Manga's Next Release Date

Fans are still waiting to find out if Saitama will make a return on the small screen in the third season. The manga has been on a short hiatus while the hero for entertainment continues his battle against the Monster Association. However, the series revealed when the next chapter of the hard-hitting story by ONE will be released. 

Yusuke Murata is the creator of the popular anime series. He recently posted the following message to his official Twitter account:

“Thank you to everyone for your patience. The online release of One Punch Man’s latest chapter was delayed for several reasons. We ask that you wait a while longer.

Fans don’t have long to wait, Murata sent a follow-up tweet explaining that the next chapter would arrive on October 8.

“I’m sorry I kept you waiting. This is the Tonajean version of One-Punch Man. However, the most recent story is set to be updated on Oct. 8th. We are still working on it. We’ll keep you updated on progress as we go.”

The second season One-Punch Man’sThere was much controversy surrounding anime amongst the fans of the hard-hitting series. Many were unsure if the animation by JC Staff was comparable to the madness of the original season by Madhouse. Fans of Saitama & Hero Society remain unsure if there will ever be a third season.

Sony Pictures is currently working to adapt the anime series live-action, in addition to the manga and anime. However, little information has been released about the project since its announcement. 

Are you ready for the return of One-Punch Man? Is there a chance we might get a third season? Let us know your thoughts in the comments, or reach me directly on Twitter @EVComedy for comics, anime and the world of heroes. 

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