MAPPA CEO addresses the pressure Series’ Popularity Creates

MAPPA CEO Addresses the Pressure the Series' Popularity Brings

Chainsaw Man It has not yet been adapted into anime, making it even more remarkable that it is one of the most beloved Shonen series. This fall will see the release of the anime adaptation of Denji’s story from Studio MAPPA. A number of creative people behind the series visited this year’s Anime Expo. Megan Peters, MAPPA CEO Manabu Oluka, Hiroshi Seko, the scriptwriter, and Makoto Kimura discussed the pressure involved in adapting such a well-known series.

The manga by Tatsuki Yamamoto was first published in 2018. It featured the first chapter, which wrapped the story, and the second part that began earlier in the summer. It is available for download at: Chainsaw Manisn’t yet popular enough to take over the Shonen Jump’s major players, such as One Piece, Jujutsu Kaisen, & My Hero AcademiaThere are some things that could change, however, when the MAPPA television program debuts this fall.

Manabu Otsuka is the one who created the high-level that. Chainsaw ManStudio MAPPA’s anime series was wildly popular.

“Honestly, it didn’t really affect anything. Titles like Attack on TitanTake, for example: Jujutsu KaisenThey are huge. All series are popular in a sense. No one cares that some titles are extremely popular when we adapt them. Everyone is working to create something for fans.  

The second half of Chainsaw ManDenji has been forced out of the driver’s seat to focus on Asa Mikata (the War Devil), and it was a risky move. The War Devil is a new terrifying devil with a vendetta against the Chainsaw Devil. For reasons yet to be discovered, the War Devil has been able to amplify the violence and blood that the series was known for. Asa, while he is a violent hero like the previous one, is a far cry from the character that introduced the series to us. 

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