MAPPA Staff Explain How Manga’s Hype Impacts the Anime

MAPPA Staff Detail How the Manga's Hype Changes the Anime

Chainsaw Man’s anime debut is expected to be one of the most anticipated of the year. MAPPA executives have spoken out about how the fandom for manga has influenced the production of the anime. Chainsaw Man’s anime was first announced a few years ago after the completion of Tatsuki’s original manga series. It is currently due to debut later in the year. The series’ team has been hard at it, and they are likely feeling pressure from outsiders.

With Chainsaw ManMAPPA CEO Manabu Oksuka and Makoto Otsuka, Executive Director and Management Directors at MAPPA, joined the stage at Anime Expo earlier in the month to celebrate the series’ debut. The executives answered fan questions about the series’ production and revealed that they were shocked at the response to it so far. While they had expected it, they still found it surprising. 

(Photo: MAPPA)

Otsuka stated that MAPPA worked on several major franchises in the past and was expecting a large response. But, Otsuka was astonished by the reaction to the announcement trailer. Kimura backs up this explanation by explaining that the series’ popularity is due to its brutality and violence, but that they won’t be censoring any scenes more violent than they feel necessary to keep the manga true to its original. They want to tell the story fans expect. 

This is why the series has been delayed from showing its visuals. The team wants to showcase what they have been working towards, but it needs to be perfect. The response to the original trailer many years ago suggests that there will be more pressure for the next footage and the rest of the anime. However, what do you think about the manga’s hype leading to? Chainsaw ManIs this your anime debut? We want to hear your opinions about it! You can reach me directly regarding animated and cool stuff. Follow @Valdezology!

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