Marvel Comics has seven Korean heroes in its new comic : DONG-A ILBO

Marvel Comics with seven Korean heroes comes out : The DONG-A ILBO

Marvel has created a new super-heroes group that features seven Koreans. It announced on Thursday that ‘Tiger Division,’ a five-issue limited comic series will be released in November.

At San Diego Comic-Con International on July 22, Marvel presented its plan for Tiger Division. The convention was held in San Diego for four days starting July 21. San Diego Comic-Con International, a convention dedicated to comic books, introduces new characters and movies, and holds various events. Marvel posted the cover of Tiger Division to its website and on Twitter.

The seven Korean super heroes are: Taegeukgi the strong patriot with a heart full of gold; White Fox, a character based off the nine-tailed Fox legend; Kpop star Luna Snow; mysterious sorceress, Lady Bright; street-brawling Mr. Enigma; living Totem The General; and Android Gun-R II.

Taegeukgi’s changed appearance got people’s attention. When Tiger Division was first announced in February last year through a Taskmaster series, Marvel Comics’ super villain, the character wore a white outfit with the Korean national flag at the center. He now wears a sophisticated outfit that includes various colors like black, red and blue with the Korean flag at its center.

Emily Kim, who created the Korean-American spider hero ‘Silk,’ will lead the story of the defenders of Korea. Chris Lee, who was also in charge of Marvel Voice: Identity, an Asian-American hero show, will be drawing the Korean squad. “I’m so excited to be launching Tiger Division’s first limited series. I never thought I’d get a chance to write for an all-Korean group,” Kim said. “Hopefully it’s not the last, and there will be many more Tiger Division stories to come.”

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