Marvel Reveals the Moment before the X-Men Suffer a Planetary Mutant Massacre

Marvel Reveals the Moment Before the X-Men Suffer a Planetary Mutant Massacre (Exclusive)

The first Hellfire Gala ended with the X-Men terraforming Mars to Arakko. The adventures of Arakki can be followed in X-Men Red, Cable, Magneto and other characters navigate the political system that is Sol. Arakko is tied up in the latest Marvel event series. A.X.E.A.X.E.The first issue featured the destruction caused by Uranos, Thanos’ great-uncle, by the Prime Eternal Druig. The fallout from Uranos’ destruction trail was what readers only saw, but it was a glimpse of the future. X-Men Red#5 shows the moments leading up to Arakko’s “mutant slaughter” moment. provides an exclusive preview X-Men Red#5 by Federico Blee, Stefano Caselli and Al Ewing As The Great Ring gathers to discuss its war strategy against Eternals, it counts down to the final minute. Storm is Regent Of Sol, but is not on-planet. He represents Arakko in Krakoa’s Quiet Council. Cable, Magneto and Abigail Brand attempt to prepare The Great Ring in anticipation of what’s to follow. Cable gets distracted by a flash of blue before he can give a brief overview of each member. This is most likely Uranos teleporting to Arakko.

Judgment DayKieron Gillen, a writer, recently explained how Arakko was forced out of the fight so quickly.

“The Eve of Judgment Prologue special was an Eternals story. But one of the things that I wanted to do was answer the question: “Why don’t Eternals do what is obvious?” Why fight the mutants if you want to eliminate them? Eternals are smarter than this. So, Eve of Judgment Gillen stated to CBR that Gillen removed the obvious first strike from a table.

“The next question is: “If one were to surprise attack the mutants, what would a reasonable way of doing so?” Druig and Moira answer this question in this issue. Krakoa isn’t the problem. Arakko, however, is. The strike is done there. The first two issues Judgment Day These are the first acts of the story. They describe the Eternals vs X-Men war. The size of the devastation caused by Arakko’s defeat was not what I had in mind when I first pitched it. “Basically, I said, “Right out the gate, we have to take Arakko out the fight.”

The preview of is available here X-Men Red #5 below. We’d love to hear your comments!

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