Marvel Studios Will Reveal Any Disney+ News At Comic-Con?

Will Marvel Studios Reveal Any Disney+ News at Comic-Con?

Within a matter of days, Hall H at San Diego Convention Center will be packed with Marvel fans eager to hear the latest news from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The House of Ideas promotes Saturday’s Hall H session as a “megapanel” with plenty of teasers that point to Kevin Feige and the growing cast of MCU talents. D23 is just weeks away from San Diego Comic-Con. The question remains: will Feige and his company be there to announce any new Disney+ content?

In September of this year, Marvel Studios will be at D23 Expo. The event was organized by Disney to promote new content and other opportunities. It was first announced months ago. The expo has been an important place for future Disney+ shows since the inception of Disney+. Moon Knight, Ms. MarvelAnd She-Hulk.

It’s easy to wonder if Comic-Con and D23 will be so close that the streamer will have enough announcements to announce new Disney+ shows at both events. There are five to six shows that Disney+ has yet to announce.

Secret InvasionHas filmed and will soon return to reshoots. Echo, Ironheart, And Loki Season Two is still in the early stages of principal photography. Both will be released after that. Armor Wars And Agatha: House of Harkness will film, already having been revealed as shows by Marvel Studios. The release schedule suggests that these shows will be available for at least the first half of 2024.

Even more shows have been revealed by Hollywood trades. They were not officially announced however. Trades teased series that were based on Wonder Man, Nova and Daredevil. There is also a Black PantherA spin-off is in development for this service. It has been suggested that Destin Daniel Cretton, who will also oversee a Shang Chi Disney+ spunoff in addition his producing duties. Wonder Man.

If Marvel Studios confirms those productions, it will take us to the first part of 2025, if that is not already. With four shows per calendar year, we know which shows will be on the Disney-owned streaming service through 2026.

Because of the way things have turned out so far, it is unlikely that any major Disney+ shows will be revealed at San Diego Comic-Con. This is especially true given the fact that we don’t know much about the current film slate.

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