Marvel’s Defenders Could Play a Key Role in Phase 6 of the MCU

Marvel's Defenders Could Play A Key Role In MCU Phase 6

Comic-Con 2022 was part of the reveal of Marvel Cinematic Universe’s future. We know that Phase 4 and 5 will cover every movie and TV project, before we move on to Phase 6. Marvel fans were captivated by one Phase 5 project: Born Again. Now, Born againIt looks like it could be the official launchpad for a larger story arc involving Marvel Defenders in MCU Phase 6. 

Charlie Cox’s Matt Murdock has made his MCU debut already, and She-Hulk made clear in She-Hulk’s trailer that “Daredevil” will be active there. We now know that the Daredevil (Vincent D’Onofrio), and Kingpin’s (“Charlie Cox”) will be playing out their rivalry on the Echo series. Rumours have it that Daredevil may also be looking for Jessica Jones on that series. Fans have been equally curious about Daredevil, Born Again’s eighteen episode schedule and what all those episodes will bring. Based on the clues we have, it looks like Daredevil will directly feed into the MCU Defenders’ debut. 

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We know that Daredevil : Born Again will be the last project that crosses the line before Phase 5’s pivotal films, Captain America: New World Order (and more importantly Thunderbolts). These films are accompanied by the warning that the fragile superhero universe post-Endgame could be in danger. Dark clandestine organizations or power players may rise up to grab control of the world. Phase 4 has seen the various Avengers facing some hard times in the post-Blip era – a theme of trauma and loss that will run through Phase 4’s ending, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. The rise of the Thunderbolts in Phase 5 is a sign that the villains may be the heroes of the future. Fans of Marvel Comics like Thunderbolts or Dark Avengers know there are a lot of ways these villain teams can come together – including Wilson Fisk pulling the strings. Kingpin, in modern Marvel (and Daredevil), comics has also seen him take on a new kind of power as a politician, able bend law and order to suit his twisted whims and turn heroes into criminals and vice versa. 


In Phase 6, the MCU will begin with the hero/villain dynamic flipped upside down. The MCU will require non-official heroes to rise up against the new world order. Daredevil’s story is set to transform him and his fellow street-level heroes, even if they don’t get legal support, into needed defenders. This would explain why Krysten Ritter, Mike Colter, and other hints have been made about them returning: Jessica Jones and Luke Cage would be part of the Defenders crew in NYC with characters such as Echo, Punisher and even Tom Holland’s Spider-Man. The point is: the writing is on the wall that Marvel will give The Defenders an actual  storyline and place within the main MCU story arc – even if the end of Phase 6 and the larger Multiverse Saga ultimately reboots things all over again… 

Daredevil makes his first appearance in the She-Hulk series, Attorney at Law, which premieres on Disney+ August 17th. 

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