MCU: 10 New Disney+ Characters, Ranked By Bravery

MCU: 10 New Disney+ Characters, Ranked By Bravery

Warning: This list contains spoilers regarding Ms. Marvel

The end of Disney+ Ms. MarvelMany fans have come up with ideas about the new characters. These shows have allowed viewers to see new stories of villains and heroes they have known for years. But the highlight is in the characters that have been presented for the first times thanks to these shows.

While some of these new characters are antagonists or villains in their own right, others have proven to be extremely brave for their circumstances. Some of these characters have superpowers, while others just stand up for what is right. However, they all have proved to be brave.


10 Billy & Tommy (WandaVision)

Billy Tommy Finale Of WandaVision

Billy and Tommy make a first appearance in WandaVisionAlthough they are also present in other places, Doctor Strange in The Multiverse Of Madness Wanda’s magical powers allow them to be born. It seems at first that Wanda and Vision are leading happy families.

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But, when Agatha is revealed as an evil witch, Billy & Tommy find themselves in very dangerous situations. The boys, despite everything, show courage and support their mom every step of the way. They fight Agatha. And they try to return to Wanda and Vision even though there may be complications. They’re still children, but they try to make it seem brave when they can.

9 Maya Lopez (Hawkeye)

Alaqua Cox in Echo

Maya is a complicated character. Although she starts out as an antagonist in HawkeyeIt’s evident that her motives and past are more complicated than she initially thought when she worked for the Tracksuit mafia.

She still feels the pain of the murder of her father. At first, she turns her anger against Hawkeye believing that he is to blame for her father’s death. She learns the truth and takes revenge on Wilson Fisk. This is a dangerous mission. She is a skilled martial artist and relies on all her senses, even though she is deaf. Echo has already announced her plans to have her own show so fans can look forward to more.

8Ayo (The Falcon & The Winter Soldier)

Falcon and the Winter Soldier Ayo

Ayo was briefly seen in a few movies, but her first real appearance was in The Falcon, and the Winter Soldier. She made an appearance A few episodes in, she appears in a scene with Bucky Barnes. Although her role seems small compared to other major players, she had an undeniable impact on Bucky. Ayo is part of the Dora Milaje, Wakanda’s all-female special forces, automatically making her braver than most.

She’s shown helping Bucky to break free from his mind control put in place by HYDRA. Ayo calls Bucky’s trigger words fearlessly and doesn’t seem to be afraid of what might happen. Later in the series, she appears to take Zemo into custody and bring him back home to Wakanda. She is a Wakanda soldier, and her power and strength are strong indicators of her bravery.

7 Mobius M. Mobius (Loki)

Loki Episode 2 Mobius

Mobius is a TVA agent (Time Variance Authority) who specializes in investigating dangerous time criminals. He is a Time Variance Authority (TVA) agent who spends his time looking for those who cause chaos and restoring the timeline to its original order.

The series follows Loki’s journey to friendship and bonding with his family. He will not hesitate to take on danger when it is necessary to save others. Loki’s power (or Loki’s narcissism), and his significance in his own timeline don’t bother him. Mobius also opposes the TVA and his training. It takes tremendous bravery to stand against everything he was taught.

6Sarah Wilson (The Falcon and The Winter Soldier).

Sam and Sarah talk in the Falcon and the Winter Soldier

Sam Wilson’s sister Sarah, a widowed mother to her two sons, is presented as a straight-talking, no-nonsense woman. She is a single mother who manages the Wilson family business and raises her children while still struggling financially.

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Karli threatens Sarah Wilson with the Flag Smashers. Sarah quickly ignores Karli’s threats and calls Sam. From her introduction, it is clear that Sarah provides Sam the support he needs. Even though her life is very busy, it is obvious that she is always available to help. Bucky Barnes doesn’t fear Sarah. Sarah may not be a superhuman, but her everyday courage is inspirational.

5 Joaquín Torres (The Falcon And The Winter Soldier)

Danny Ramirez Joaquin Torres falcon winter soldier

Joaquín only appears briefly in The Falcon and The Winter Soldier However, it is possible that he will play a larger role in the future. He’s a First Lieutenant in the Air Force, which is how he met Sam Wilson. Joaquín survived the Blip and talks about the difficulties he faced during those five years.

The series follows Sam’s investigation into the Flag Smashers. He even tracks them down during a bank robbery. He doesn’t hesitate throughout the series when it comes to rescuing those in need. Sam gives the Falcon suit to Sam at the end of the series. This indicates that he has big plans for the future.

4 Nakia Bahadir (Ms. Marvel)

Nakia smiling in Ms. Marvel.

Kamala Khan’s best friend, Nakia. She stands firm on her convictions and refuses to be influenced by anyone. She also becomes a board member for the Islamic Masjid of Jersey City.

After being questioned about Night Light, Nakia is shaken. At first, she is angry at Kamala because she didn’t tell her the truth about Night Light. However, when it came time to fight against Damage Control and her friend was defeated, she put her anger aside. This takes courage to not let her emotions get in the way of doing what’s right. She is a great character and fans hope that she makes a return in the future.

3Kate Bishop (Hawkeye).

Kate Bishop smiles in the snow in her archery shirt in Hawkeye

Kate became a Hawkeye fan after she survived the Battle of New York as an infant. She starts archery training, and she becomes a master at the sport. She is then attacked by the Tracksuit Mafia and falls in.

Kate is undoubtedly one of the most relatable superheroes. She is a bit awkward and eager to do the right thing. Although she wasn’t raised to live the super hero lifestyle, she often proves others wrong. She is not afraid to take on a challenge or to confront a situation even when it’s necessary and she always attempts to do the right thing morally.

2 Marc Spector / Moon Knight (Moon Knight)

Marc Spector standing outside in Moon Knight.

Marc Spector, a former U.S. Marine has experienced a lot. As a result of his trauma, Marc Spector was left with Dissociative identity Disorder. His brother died while they were still young and he was also abused by his mother. Marc’s mentality formed the alter name Steven Grant.

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His bravery in surviving childhood trauma and continuing to live with hope, love and life is testament to his strength. Marc and his alter-egos do their best to make the situation work, even when it is overwhelming and difficult. His bravery can be seen in the large scenes when he is fighting an enemy as well as the smaller scenes where he is fighting for his survival and trying to figure out the best way to proceed.

1 Kamala Khan / Ms. Marvel (Ms. Marvel)

Iman Vellani as Kamala Khan smiling in Ms. Marvel

In the title series Ms. MarvelKamala Khan is a mutant. She is a big fan of the Avengers. Like her heroes, she finds herself fighting for those she loves.

She quickly realizes that being a super hero is not all she imagined. There are several moments in the series that showcase her true bravery, from standing up to her parents, to fighting for what’s right, making her the perfect example of a superhero. Even though she may not always agree with her parents, she makes the right choices and tries to do the right thing.

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