More Big News From Jim Lee and His Friends at the SDCC

SDCC: More Big News from Jim Lee and His Friends!

New Comic Book Series and A Trailblazing Documentary Make “DC’s Jim Lee & Friends” Panel One of the Most Exciting at San Diego Comic-Con


All-New Batman/Spawn 48-Page One-Shot From Todd McFarlane and Greg Capullo To Be Released December 13

Paul Dano’s First Look and Details Revealed The Riddler: Year One

Milestone Media gets an HBO Max Documentary and a New HBO Max Documentary. Static Limited Series,  and Its First Original Graphic Novel

Marie Javins, DC Editor-in-Chief received the Inkpot Award of San Diego Comic-Con

DC’s “Jim Lee & Friends” panel at San Diego Comic-Con was packed with announcements and reveals, and great conversation with some fantastic storytellers moderated by DC’s Publisher and Chief Creative Officer Jim Lee.

In a “it can only happen at San Diego Comic-Con moment”, two comic industry titans, Todd McFarlane and Greg Capullo, surprised fans at the panel with a major announcement. They have announced a partnership Batman/Spawn #1,Due out December 13, a 48-page single-shot. This marks the first time that the two iconic characters have been reunited since 2005. Batman/Spawn War Devil,Which DC will be reprinting to release November 15. More details and artwork will follow!

Teased earlier in day Social mediaPaul Dano, Golden Globe Award Nominated Actor Paul DanoThe BatmanLee joined ) for a preview of his six-issue DC Black Label limited collection. The Riddler: Year One. Dano’s story provides an in-depth look at how the unknown forensic accountant Edward Nashton evolved into the menace known as the Riddler and came so close to bringing down the entire city. Dano collaborated with Stevan Subic to create an amazing assortment of interior and cover art for the comic book’s debut issue, which hit stores on October 25. Each fan was given a con-exclusive enamel pin. The Riddler: Year One logo.

Jim and Denys Cowan (Milestone Media cofounder) updated fans with the latest news from Milestone. Cowan also announced that on October 4, writer Vita Ayala and breakthrough artist Nikolas Draper-Ivey will tell new stories featuring Milestone’s flagship superhero, Static, in Shadows of Dakota: Static,The follow-up Season One: Static. Fans were also treated to a first look at art from Milestone’s first-ever young adult original graphic novel, Static All Night, debuting Summer 2023.

Lee and Cowan announce the HBO Max exclusive documentary Milestone GenerationsThis documentary traces the history of Milestone Media, its pioneering legacy as the first Black-owned superhero comic book publisher, and its partnership and alliance with DC. The trailer premiered to fans at the event, and is also available online. Milestone GenerationsThis exclusive debuts exclusively on HBO Max Friday July 29.

DC’s Editor in Chief Marie Javins was presented with the prestigious Inkpot Award for 2022 from San Diego Comic-Con’s Director of Programming Eddie Ibrahim. Every year, Comic-Con presents the Inkpot Award to an individual for their contributions to comics, sci-fi/fantasy film, animation, and fandom.

Fans are encouraged to check out DC’s “Comics Are Fun for Everyone” panel on Saturday from 12:30-1:30 in Room 6DE for more breaking news.

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