Most Obscure 2010s Magical Girl Anime

The Most Obscure Magical Girl Anime of the 2010s

The most famous anime and manga series is that of the magical girl. These are the installments Sailor Moon, Puella Magi Madoka Magica Tokyo Mew MewThese songs have been a huge success and are now a worldwide hit.

While the magic girl trope is beloved by many, there are many series that have not been seen or have failed to make it big, despite 2010s being a great year for the genre. Here are some obscure magic girl anime that you might not have seen before and the reasons they are worth your time.

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Day Break Illusion

Day Break Illusion Follow Akari Taiyo, who is optimistic and whose powers are derived from the Tarot Card “The Sun”. One day she is summoned by the secret syndicate of other girls who draw their powers and abilities from the Tarots. Akari and her fellow members are then sent on missions to defeat the Daemonia, human-turned-monsters.

Their victory comes at a cost. Not only will the Daemonia vilify the victim, but Akari and her new friends will also be able to remember them. Despite being out for nearly a decade Day Break IllusionIt has not received an English dub, further increasing its invisibility among magical girl anime.

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Smile Pre-Cure

The Pretty Cure The franchise has been in existence for almost two decades and has produced an amazing 19 series. Each series has a different set of magical girls that are often partnered with fairies. One series is known as Smile PreCure Or Glitter ForceThe dub features a cheerful girl named Miyuki, who is passionate about fairy tales. She doesn’t know that there is a land home to all these characters.

Pierrot, a man who seeks to rewrite their lives, threatens their happiness. Pierrot’s evil ways are causing Miyuki to team up with four other girls. It is also one of few. Pretty CureStories with an English dub

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Yuki Yuna Is a Hero

Yuki Yuna Is a Hero The film follows the lives of the title character and her friends. They all belong to the Hero Club at their middle school, which focuses on helping others when needed. A strange light flashes and Yuki and her friends are transported to a mysterious forest. Here they discover that the Shinju is the protector of humanity.

Yuna is chosen by the Deity to protect everyone from the Vertex. Yuna, her friends, can transform into their magical counterparts through an app that they have on their smartphones.

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Lady Jewelpet

Lady JewelpetThis anime takes a different approach to the traditional magical girl anime. Instead of facing evil beings who want to rule the universe, it follows a series of girls who have to compete against one another to earn the title Lady Jewel. The winner gets to choose a prince she wants to rule with her. Lady JewelpetMomona is the next Lady Jewel and follows her.

Momona’s inability to act ladylike often puts her behind her competitors. While Lady JewelpetThe magical girl genre is given a unique spin by each company, which could explain why it didn’t gain much popularity.

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