My Bad Issue 5 and More Comic Reviews

My Bad Issue 5 & More Comic Reviews

action comics issue 1041 review
Action Comics Issue 1041 (Image by DC Comics).

This is my weekly comic book review for March 23, 2022. I will be reviewing My BadIssue 5 Action ComicsIssue 1041 Ms. Marvel: Beyond the LimitIssue 4, plus many other great articles!

Let’s begin with Action ComicsPhillip Kennedy Johnson wrote issue 1041. Continuing the action-heavy premise of the current ‘Warworld’ arc, issue 1041 focused on Midnighter’s mission to save Apollo, basically his husband, while recruiting rebels to his cause. It was funny to see how people mistook Midnighter for Superman.

In my opinion, Midnighter’s motivation made sense. As far as he’s concerned, he’s okay with the entire fake planet getting destroyed as long as it meant Apollo was safe. Poor Apollo’s being used as a living battery. Of course, Minighter’s opinion conflicted with Clark’s, who wanted to find a way to liberate the prisoners.

Superman and Midnighter joined forces in the last panels. I’m looking forward to the two saving the rest of the members of The Authority and getting a rematch with their foes. The first one didn’t work out well for them. They are now better prepared, I believe. Hopefully.

Are there any queer characters apparent? Yes.

Recommendation:Get it. 

ms marvel issue 4 review
Ms. Marvel: Beyond the Limit Issue #4 (Image: Marvel Comics).

Ms. Marvel: Beyond the LimitIssue 4

Samira Ahmad, writer Ms. Marvel: Beyond the Limit issue 4 was a way for Ahmed to give readers Qarin’s backstory and why she’s got it out for Kamala Khan. With Qarin blaming Kamala for the death of Ms. Marvel (in her dimension) and the destruction of her world, I think there’s more to the story. I highly doubt Ahmed’s going to close this series with Kamala left carrying such a devastating burden on her shoulders. I wouldn’t be surprised if everything goes back to normal in Qarin’s world during the final issue.

My only gripe would be Nadia van Dyne’s characterization. Nadia van Dyne’s confusedness about the Ms. Marvel real was odd for someone who is supposed not to be smart. Qarin, having been transformed into Ms. Marvel was brutally punching Nadia in the stomach. That should have been enough for her to be exposed as the fake Ms. Marvel.

Are there any queer characters apparent? No.

Recommendation:Get it.

Godzilla vs Mighty Morphin Power Rangers issue 1 review
Godzilla vs The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Image: BOOM!) Studios & IDW)

Godzilla vs. The Mighty Morphin Power RangersIssue 1

From writer Cullen Bunn, Godzilla vs. The Mighty Morphin Power RangersIssue 1 was a debut that would have made me scream in excitement as a child. I mean, I’m still excited about this miniseries as an adult, but at least I have better control of my screaming.

The story was about Rita Repulsa discovering an ancient artifact, using it to teleport her team and the Green Ranger to a place where there were no Power Rangers. The world was home to giant aliens and Godzilla.

The tone’s a bit more kid-friendly than the main Power Rangers comic book series, but Rita’s characterization remained intact. She would join forces with the evil guys to defeat Godzilla, causing more destruction. With the rest of the Rangers tracking Tommy, I’m looking forward to the Rangers befriending Godzilla and working together to take down Rita and the rest of the threats.

The art by Freddie Williams II and colors by Andrew Dalhouse gel together to properly display the epicness of Godzilla’s battle prowess. Godzilla’s really something special. My only critique would be the facial expressions of the human characters.

I’m looking forward to the next issue. And if this series gives me Kimberly’s Zord vs Rodan, I think I’ll faint!

Are there any queer characters apparent? No.

Recommendation:Grab It!

department of truth issue 17 review
The Department of Truth Issue 17. Image by Image Comics

The Department of TruthIssue 17

James Tynion IV’s The Department of TruthIssue 17 provided a detailed explanation of how The Ministry of Lies operated and how the Department of Truth functions. Both departments were fighting to alter reality in their own way. The current issue used the (still prevalent) conspiracy theory of the fake moon landing and how the Department of Truth “willed” the landing into existence decades ago. The entire thing started out as fake, but due to the laws of this fictional world, it became reality and helped strengthen the idea of the “United States of America” the Department of Truth wanted to foster.

The information in the current issue was very helpful, as a lot of the previous chapters were quite confusing. At least, now I can give a short explanation about what’s been happening in the story if I were to recommend this series to someone.

Are there any queer characters apparent? No.

Recommendation:Get it.

count Crowley issue 1 review
Count Crowley: Amateur Midnight Monster HunterIssue 1 (Image: Dark Horse Comics)

Count Crowley: Amateur Midnight Monster Hunter Issue 1

David Dastmalchian (writer/actor) Count Crowley: Amateur Midnight Monster HunterIssue 1 began with a narration by a mummy, which reminded me of Tales from the Crypt. Jerri was trying to find a way to get rid of Steven in the debut issue. But I think she won’t be able to do it because Dastmalchian seems to be giving Steven a sympathetic narrative.

The current miniseries of four issues was a refreshing take on vampire legend. Jerri’s in a whole lot of supernatural trouble and I’m interested in seeing what’s in store for her.

Are there any queer characters apparent? No. 

Recommendation:Get it.

Stranger Things Kamchatka issue 1 review
Stranger things: Kamchatka Issue 1 (Image by Dark Horse Comics).

Stranger things: Kamchatka Issue 1

I found Stranger things: KamchatkaIssue 1 by Michael Moreci is quite entertaining. It is possible to be too risky when telling the truth. Stranger ThingsWithout the OG cast, story would not be possible. Moreci deserves a lot of credit for keeping me interested and introducing new characters. I’m here for Anna and Leonid trying to figure out why their Russian scientist father, Dr. Orlov, got kidnapped.

I liked Orlov’s hesitation when it came to helping his captors use a Demogorgon as a weapon. The debut was only four issues long. It made me wonder if a Demogorgon could be kind (or similar) despite being short. I wonder if Orlov would have repaid the favor if the comic was kept alive. Hmmm. 

Are there any queer characters apparent? No. 

Recommendation:Get it.

My Bad issue 5 review
My Bad Issue 5. (Image: AHOY Comics).

My BadIssue 5

I received a digital review copy for free My BadIssue 5 is available for review. These opinions are mine.

The first season of “The X-Files” was co-written by Mark Russell and Bryce Ingman. My BadIssue 5 was the final issue. I believe readers will agree. My BadEnded up being one the best (if it wasn’t). TheThe best (and most hilarious) superhero spoofs ever published in comic books. I’m quite impressed with how the creative team was able to deliver banger after banger with each installment, because superhero spoofs run the risk of falling flat right out the gate.

The very first page of the book was where humor started. My Badissue 5 features the recommended reading lists, as well as an important warning that was approved by The Comics Code Authority. The main story saw Emperor King get annoyed by all the attention The Accelerator received following his death. We were also given an explanation of why Emperor King gifted The Chandelier the salad shooter.

While everything came to a satisfying close, we also got a setup for what’s to come next. So, here’s hoping My BadReturns for a second season very soon.

Are there any queer characters apparent? No.

Recommendation:PICK IT UP

Clear issue 5 review
ClearIssue 5 (Image: comiXology Originals)

Clear Issue 5

A digital copy was sent to me for free. ClearIssue 5 is available for review. These opinions are mine.

Scott Snyder writes the penultimate Issue of The Magazine. Francis Manapul draws the art. ClearDunes gave Dunes an explanation of what the world was like and Kendra’s plans for her life, even though Dunes had already died. I discovered ClearIt contains some fascinating ideas about being hyperaware because of the advances in technology. And how down the line, more people might be willing to do whatever it takes to live in their bubbles and not be subject to reality.

Issue 5 had Dunes decide what he wanted to do with Kendra’s plan to crash the servers and show everyone what was happening. Let’s see if he’s able to go through with it in the finale.

Are there any queer characters apparent? No.

Recommendation:Get it.

You can read Jessica’s review of RobinYou can find Issue 12 here.

What comic books did this week’s you read? What were your thoughts? My BadIssue 5

Let us know.

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