My Hero Academia season 6 release dates – When will the new season of My Hero Academia be out? Gaming | Gaming | Entertainment

My Hero Academia season 6 release date - When is new season of My Hero Academia out? | Gaming | Entertainment

My Hero Academia season 6 has been one of the most anticipated anime series this year. Paranormal Liberation War will be adapted for the new season of this hugely successful anime. Fans don’t need to wait long to see this beloved part of the manga transformed into anime. The season 6 release date is only months away.

My Hero Academia will be one of many big draws in the fall 2022 anime season alongside other shows like Mob Psycho 100 series 3 and Spy X Family part 2.

These three shows will all air in one jam-packed October.

The October release date window of My Hero Academia season 6 has been confirmed at the end last year.

Only recently, the exact release date of My Hero Academia season 6 was announced.

It was confirmed at the Hero FES 2022 Event that My Hero Academia season 6 will be officially released October 1.

Crunchyroll has all the 113 episodes so far of My Hero Academia available for you to watch if you are looking to catch-up on it or rewatch any of your favorite episodes.

My Hero Academia season 6 is out, but there is another release that anime and manga fans can look forward too.

My Hero Ultra Rumble is a new My Hero Academia battle royale game that can be played by 24 players.

My Hero Ultra Rumble will be coming to PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and PCs with beta tests available for players to sign up to right now.

Bandai Namco spoke out about the beta. “Pre-registration is now possible for the MY HERO ULTRA RUMBLE PS4 Closed Test!” This closed beta marks a new era in epic competition. Get ready to get into the action and unleash your talents in this 24 player battle royale.

They added: “Survive 24-Player Battle Royale. Your “Quirks” to fight! Take on your role as an assault, support, or disruption character in battle, and make the most of your strengths while compensating for your teammates’ weakness.

“The strengths of each character are completely different depending on his or her “Quirks”.”

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