MyAnimeList’s Top 10 Cute Girls Doing Cute Things with Anime

Azumanga Daioh A Place Further Than The Universe and K On

A new sub-genre of anime known as “Cute Girls doing Cute Things” has gained popularity over the years. It’s exactly as it sounds. It focuses on cute characters in everyday, real-life situations. Many people find these moe anime to be boring and slow-paced, which is why they are often not as popular as the action series.

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Despite their reputation, these series are often surprisingly good and some have been quite successful. MyAnimeList’s category shows that many CGDCT titles have been well-received by fans and received high praise and rankings. These anime series are the best, and they prove that CGDCT anime is worthy of another chance.

10 Hanasaku Iroha: Blossoms For Tomorrow Wows Fans With Beautiful Visuals & Dramatic Flair

CGDCT anime is often quite original, despite the fact that it has a reputation for boring storylines. Hanasaku Iroha: Blossoms for TomorrowThis is no exception. This is the story of Ohana, a young girl who moves in with her traditional and stoic grandmother after her mother abandons her.

As she adjusts to the new country lifestyle, she lives her daily life while her grandmother runs her small inn. Although it appears to be a simple slice of life plot, it still has much to offer thanks to its beautiful animation and emotional drama. The series has received a remarkable 7.92 rating on MyAnimeList.

9 Is The Order a Rabbit? Is there a beloved ongoing series?

Is The Order a Rabbit centers around a group of five adorable girls and their adventures working together at the Rabbit House café. The series has been viewed three times and there’s another one in the works. MyAnimeList users rated the latest season as a 7.94 out 10.

It’s obvious that this series is the most adorable. It follows the CGDCT format, heavily relying upon comedy and moe. It’s funny when this series is funny. Fans are looking forward to its return.

8 Non Non Biyori Is A Relaxing & Fun Slice-Of-Life

It’s easy to see why. Non Non Biyori It doesn’t really look that special. It’s a boring slice-of life series, which most anime fans would prefer to skip. It’s a highly rated CGDCT series with a MyAnimeList rating of 7.94.

Hotaru Ichijou is a young girl from Tokyo, who finds her world upside down when her family moves to Asahigaoka. Hotaru, despite the drastic changes, finds herself surrounded with new friends and ready for anything. It’s a sweet, relaxing series featuring a fun plot with a delightful cast of characters.

7 Azumanga Daioh Has Been Considered The Founder of Cute Girls Doing Cute Thing

Azumanga Daioh This anime classic is one of the most beloved and iconic of all the series that came out of 2000s. Although the idea of “Cute Girls Doing Cute Things” was relatively new in its day, many people consider this show to be the first of its kind.

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It is about Chiyo, a 10-year old genius, who’s entering highschool as a freshman and her circle of friends. Each episode features their everyday lives and the school antics. Even though it is an old series, it still holds its own. Azumanga Daioh It still enjoys a loyal fanbase to this day and is rated 7.97 on MyAnimeList.

CGDCT anime should be listed first. K-On!. This series is easily the most loved in the sub-genre. After two seasons, MyAnimeList users rated it an impressive 8.17/10. It follows a small group of girls starting a light-music club at their high schools.

Many people consider K-On! CGDCT is considered a “gateway series”, and for good reason. This series is fun and memorable. It combines comedy, music, and cute girls. Fans can see the beauty in taking it easy with a simple, quick watch.

5 This is the Unique Story of Girls’ Final Tour. It stands out among other CGDCT anime

Most anime falling under the CGDCT category focus on everyday life and mundane tasks. The Last Tour for Girls This is a completely different approach. The setting is desolate and war-torn. Two young girls, Yuuri, and Chito, are the only survivors.

They work together to find anything they can in the area that will help them survive. This series is unique because it focuses on survival and existentialism. This is a popular title in the subgenre and earned a solid 8.2 on MyAnimeList.

4 Shirobako features Five Girls Who Dream of Creating Anime together

Shirobako This series is unique, even if it’s not part of CGDCT. It is the story of five friends who share a passion in anime. They made a promise to each other during high school that they would one day be able to make it in the anime industry and collaborate on works.

But as they get older, they realize this will prove to be more difficult than they imagined. It’s a fun, heartwarming series that highlights the difficulties of the anime industry. MyAnimeList fans gave it an 8.3 rating. This shows how relatable the girls’ struggles are to audiences.

3 Laid-Back Camp Is A Relaxing & Tranquil Series

Many anime are full of action and excitement, so they keep the audience guessing. Some anime are more relaxed and enjoy taking viewers on a relaxing ride. Laid-Back Camp Rin Shima is a camping enthusiast and loves to unwind in nature’s beauty. This is Rin Shima.

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She is joined by a group friends who share her passion for the outdoors, and they decide to start their own camping trips. Camp Laid Back The series celebrates nature’s peace and tranquility, and earned 8.27 and 8.53 ratings on MyAnimeList.

2 Nichijou Is Azumanga Daioh’s Spiritual Successor

Some may argue that Nichijou It is much more than just a CGDCT series. However, it does have all the hallmarks of one. It revolves around the lives of five quirky and cute girls with unique personalities. It’s a slice of life series. NichijouThe comedy aspect of the show is the main focus, with an emphasis on character interactions.

It has been compared to the 2000s classic by many. Azumanga DaiohThey share many similarities. Fans prefer the latter, despite their iconic place in anime history. NichijouThe anime was rated an 8.46 on MyAnimeList.

1 A Place Further Than The Universe Is A Story Of Friendship & Adventure

CGDCT anime are centered on everyday life. Usually, they take place in schools or small towns. However, the girls of A Place More Than The UniverseThere’s an entire world out there that just needs to be discovered. The series centers on a group a wide-eyed dreamers, who set out on an expedition into Antarctica to search for Shirase Kobuchizawa’s mother missing.

This series blends adventure with slice-of-life to create a memorable experience that everyone loves. A Place More Than The Universe CGDCT series has grown to be one of the most beloved of all time. It received a well-deserved 8.54/10 rating from fans.

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