Naruto: A Completely Different Anime

How Naruto Was Almost A Completely Different Anime

Fans who are devoted to “Naruto”, may already be aware of the strong connection Naruto (the character), has with cooking. Naruto was named after a Japanese type of fish cake called narutomaki. This is a common topping for ramen (via Honest FoodTalks). The connection was deeper than that. Masashikimoto, a fan magazine called “Naruto Meigen Shu”, spoke about his original idea and how it came to be a cooking anime.

Kishimoto stated that the story was supposed to focus on Naruto, a teenage chef who makes ramen. “But, my editor at that time told me it was never going to work. This story became about ninjas, so I had to find another. After my cooking manga was rejected I created a monster/ghost story where Naruto was a Fox-Man who could change the form of other people.

Kishimoto continued to add elements to “Naruto”, including ninjutsu. He also tried to make “Naruto”, a manga about cooking, from the original “Naruto”. After that failed, he came up the ninja story we all know today. It’s fascinating to think about how different life would have been if Kishimoto had actually created that cooking manga.

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