Naruto fans have a big problem with Sasuke right now

Naruto Fans Have a Big Problem With Sasuke Right Now

Naruto Uzumaki is a friend and has spent much of his adult life trying to save Sasuke Uchiha. The heir had a hard life. His desire to vengeance led him to choose the most sinister path. Naruto saved his best friend and fans have enjoyed watching Sasuke recover. But thanks to his latest appearance in the franchise, well – netizens are a bit perturbed by the Uchiha right now.

The whole thing began when Boruto Naruto Next Generations published its latest chapter. Sasuke, who had just finished the chapter, returned to the page and apologised to Boruto. He felt awful that Boruto had to die to stop Momoshiki and even got Kawaki to agree to the deal.

Boruto survived his sacrifice in the end. But it was a price. The Hidden Leaf is shifting and Kawaki finds himself on the village’s wrong side. Fans are side-eyeing Sasuke because the man suggests that he is the only person his town should hate.

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Fans are questioning Sasuke’s sanity over this disturbing belief. He has come a long distance since his youth. The man is not a victim of hatred for power and motivation. He is convinced that the Hidden Leaf hates him in general. Although it is true that the public has strong feelings about his time as a rogue and Naruto and Konoha 11 have worked hard to preserve Sasuke’s reputation. You can bet that the Uchiha will call the boy out if he uses the hatred of the village to do more self-sacrificing acts.

What do you think of this controversial scene Is the Hidden Leaf still against Sasuke, do you think? Comment below, or send me a tweet @thehiddenLeafMeganPetersCB.

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