Naruto hypes Boruto’s Next Storyline, With a New Poster

Naruto Hypes Boruto's Next Storyline With New Poster

Boruto: Naruto Next GensThe anime is gearing up for its next major arc and has unveiled a new poster to celebrate it. The anime adaptation of the series explored a number of original arcs since last year’s end, in an effort to assist the manga series with the next major story arc. As the manga sets the stage for what is to come, the anime team will continue to experiment with their unique story.  

While the anime has been showing singular stories for the past few weeks, it was not broadcasting any major original anime arcs. Boruto: Naruto Next GensThe next arc is in the works. This new arc will primarily focus on Kawaki and Himawari’s connection as she enrolls in Ninja Academy and trains to be a Shinobi. The official Twitter account has revealed the latest poster for the anime. This is to celebrate Pierrot’s Japan Expo booth. 

According to the official announcement Boruto: Naruto Next GensThe next major arc of the series is called “Kawaki: Himawari Ninja Academy”. It will air on the 7th of August. Mikio Ikemoto illustrated the new poster for the arc. It features Himawari in a new look as she enrolls at the school to find out what happens next. It’s not surprising that Kawaki will also learn to be a shinobi, so there won’t likely be any distance between them for whatever’s next. 

Although it is not clear how long the new arc will last, fans can still tune in to the series if they are looking for an opportunity to get back into the depths. It will be some time before the manga finishes its Code-focused arc and it is likely that the anime doesn’t have a clear roadmap for the story. You might be better to just go along and enjoy the ride. What do you think about Boruto’s next arc? What do you expect from Kawaki & Himawari? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments. You can also reach me directly for information about animated and other cool stuff. Follow @Valdezology!

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