Naruto:10 Characters who Deserve More Screentime

Naruto:10 Characters Who Deserved More Screen Time

The show NarutoIt has emphasized its best ninjas while at the cost that some characters will never get an opportunity to shine a light on their talents. Even with the continuation BorutoSome ninjas are unable to demonstrate their skills.

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Ninjas that have their own fighting style are not able get the character development they need to be more than they are given. These characters are too well-known or forgotten that they deserve better.


10 Sai

Sai in action

One of the new characters was introduced in Naruto ShippudenSia joined team 7, as part of an undercover mission with Danzo and the Anbu blackops. His ability to use a paintbrush to help bring back Akatsuki members to life has enabled him to do battle with them. Sai became an emotional friend through Naruto, and he helped him fight.

Sai has the problem that, once he is part of team 7, he will be replaced by Sasuke. This is true even going into BorutoAs he meets Ino. Ino moved on to the man who took his place as Sasuke’s replacement. Sai was never allowed to fully step out of Sasuke’s shadow.


Tenten lost in the dark

Tenten, a long-distance fighter for team Guy’s, most memorable moment was when Temari broke her back. She is a ninja who can summon and use weaponry in all styles of fighting. Because she is not allowed to screen, it has become a running joke in the gang. Naruto community.

Team Guy was frequently the backup team with Neji or Rock Lee, proving their skill. The summoning ninja was not given the same attention as her Taijutsu colleagues. If she had the same chance as her Taijutsu peers, she might prove she is someone with main character energie.

8 Kiba

Kiba and Akamaru in Naruto

Kiba, the Inuzuka clan chief’s son, is determined to become a Hokage. Kiba was able, with Akamaru as his ally and trusted friend, to defeat one of the Sound Ninja Four in order to retrieve Sasuke. He never had the chance to be Hokage.

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Kiba didn’t get as much use after his fight with Sakon, Ukon. Although he was frequently sent on missions to find targets, he never showed any fighting skills. It would have been amazing to see him and Akamaru transform into giant, two-headed dogs. That would have completely redeemed Naruto from his loss by fart against him.


Kimimaro faces Rock Lee

Even though he only had a small part in the show’s story, Kimimaro is an iconic villain. His Kekkei Genkai gives him the ability to use his bones as weapons, but it also makes him near death. He fought against Naruto and Rock Lee with his loyalty to Orochimaru.

Kimimaro would have been Orochimaru’s faithful guard had it not been for his sickness. He was able to open more fights, such as the defense of his master against Sasuke. As he was a member a clan named after Kakguya and looks similar to her pale skin with red dots on her forehead, it would make sense that he might have some connections to the series’ villain Kakguya.

6 Zetsu

The Akatsuki was a key character in Naruto’s greatest moments, but Zetsu was not present. Zetsu was the Akatsuki’s spy and didn’t do much until the end of the series. One half of him was transformed into easily defeated copies, while the other half was connected with Obito.

Zetsu wasn’t a fighter, but it feels like he’s not done much as a spy. Itachi and Kabuto are examples of characters who can spy on others. Fans were a little disappointed when he finally started to do something at the end Shippuden.

5 Kankuro

Kankuro is a part of the Sand Siblings. He is also the son of the Fourth Kazekage. Kankuro is a puppeteer, whereas his older brother uses wind technique and his younger sister uses sand.

In Naruto ShippudenHe would receive a new puppet as he transforms the Akatsuki member Sasori into his personal puppet. His Sasori puppet was never shown to the public. Tamari is Shikamaru’s Kazekage and Gaara is Kazekage. Kankuro, however, is only there because he never had the same level character development.

4 All Sound Ninjas

Sasuke joins the Sound ninja 4

Orochimaru founded the Sound Village, which houses rogue ninjas looking for power. These ninjas were created to help Orochimaru get into the leaf village in order to complete the chunnin exam and wipe out the village. Sound Ninjas were Orochimaru’s henchmen in the original series.

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In the end, Orochimaru’s experiments have made it impossible to imagine a village that could be populated by ninjas. Naruto Shippuden. Orochimaru has had powerful enemies in Dosu and the Forest of Death team, as well as the Sound Ninja Four. If all Sound Ninjas were cursed, they could have been a threat to Orochimaru and his personal assassins.

3 Shizune

Kabuto Fights Shizune

Lady Tsunade’s loyal ally and assistant, Shizune is her loyal ally. Shizune, Lady Tsunade’s first apprentice, is her support and encouragement. She trains Shizune to be a master physician. Shizune has a hidden wrist-mounted device that can shoot poison when she feels the need.

Shizune’s role is limited to that of an assistant, and her fighting skills are only shown once. As her master Sakura or another apprentice Sakura were often the ones who used her skills as a medic, Shizune’s abilities were not often seen. She was too often used as a Hokage Shizune helper and she wasn’t given the respect that she deserves as both a medic, and as a ninja. Fans can only speculate as to what forbidden Jutsu she used her pig Tonton for, but she was rarely seen.

2 Suigetsu

Taka Suigetsu, a part of team Taka, was the loudmouth that spewed unpopular opinions about Naruto or any ninja he did not like. Brother to one of Seven Swordsman in the Mist Mangetsu Suigetsu grabs Zabuz’s sword, one of seven that he would like to collect. Suigetsu can invulnerability because he is made from water.

Sasuke grabbed Jugo because of his loyalty to Kimimaru, and Karin for her sensory Jutsus and medical Jutsus. But Suigetsu was chosen for his endurance in fighting large groups of enemies. He was rarely seen fighting large groups of enemies or against strong opponents, so this is not something that was often displayed. Suigetsu demonstrated that he is capable of taking down Killer Bee’s tails in jinchuriki. What could Suigetsu have done against a jinchuriki if he was able to survive a fight?

1 Shino

Shino uses his swarm

Shino’s ability to control insects makes him a threat all around. Shino, a member of the Aburame family, uses his intelligence and insect knowledge to fight and as spies. He is a quiet opponent who can be underestimated because of his calm demeanor. His fights against Kankuro, Zaku, and Kankuro are short-lived as his chakra-eating insects win the victory before his opponents.

Shino was given the chance to screen more in the Sasuke retrieval arch but he missed the opportunity to meet the team. He hasn’t been in a fight since his exams. Shino’s control enabled him to take minimal damage and defeat his opponents with little or no difficulty. This made him dangerous, but it was not explored enough to allow fans the opportunity to see how he would do against the Akatsuki’s high-level threat.

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