Naruto’s Sasuke Vs. Deidara Fight is Flawed, But Brilliant

deidara sasuke

NarutoMasashi Kishimoto’s creator does a fair job of allowing characters other than Naruto to lead the way through their fights. These battles showcase the depth of side characters. It has the feeling that the world is constantly changing and moving even though the protagonist isn’t there. Deidara is fighting Sasuke when Deidara is not around. This makes their fight more weighty and deepens the antagonistic forces that are doing solid footwork to the Akatsuki.

Deidara becomes overwhelmed by Itachi Uchiha’s Sharingan. He vows to improve his ninja art to defeat the Uchiha family’s powerful ability. Deidara crosses paths with Sasuke, allowing him to show his skills against the Sharingan and avoid any Akatsuki infighting. Deidara, not one to avoid battles, initiates the clash explosively, only to have his efforts to defeat Sasuke thwarted by the latter’s willingness sacrifice others.

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Sasuke’s response to Deidara attacking him initially is a sign of his mentality: he will sacrifice everything to achieve his goal of killing Itachi. Sasuke is cold and calculated, which allows him to use the chakra elemental system at a level rarely seen. Naruto. He can defeat most of Deidara’s arsenal using his lightning chakra, cursed mark and sword.

Sasuke’s battle acumen is evident in his ability to use lightning skills to defuse Deidara’s explosives during combat. This skill contrast can be seen in the devastation caused by Deidara’s intricate earth-based attacks, and Sasuke’s quick sword and lightning-based maneuvers. This makes it possible to enjoy the diverse styles of chakra and combat in the world. Naruto.

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Sasuke & Deidara are able to use all of their skills in battle. Deidara’s explosive art has many uses, which allows Sasuke deepen his skills set to survive the incendiary battlefield. As the Akatsuki’s youngest member pushes an Uchiha equipped with Sharingan to the limit, this display of skills clearly shows their potential power. Deidara’s desire to win leads to his defeat as he fails to account for Sasuke’s drive to survive.

Deidara, like Sasuke, shared the same goal of defeating Itachi. Deidara was confident in his superiority and saw Sasuke’s victory as proof of his growing potential to defeat a Sharingan. Deidara becomes an educational barrier for Sasuke, driving him to the extremes in order to survive instead of helping him overcome an Uchiha. Sasuke’s willingness to sacrifice Manda in order to endure Deidara’s most powerful explosive is a high point of his antagonistic arc.

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Deidara’s desire to prove his strength and art against a powerful opponent highlights the humanity of each member of the Akatsuki. They are a complex, flawed group that is willing to defy the team’s goals in order to pursue their own dreams.

Itachi is destined to be in conflict because of Sasuke’s growing hostility and vengeful attitude during this fight. NarutoThe progression of characters and groups who are not the protagonists highlights the importance of pushing secondary protagonists and temporary antagonists into prominence.

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