New Berserk Manga Volume 41 Release Date Confirmed

New Berserk Manga Volume 41 Release Date Confirmed

Kentaro Miura illustrated and wrote the text. Berserk This is a remarkable Japanese manga series that the author began in August 1989. The series contains over 363 chapters in 40 volumes. Young Animal Comics has confirmed that Volume 41 will be released.

The death of Kentaro Miura, an anime and manga author, in May 2021 left the anime and manga communities devastated. Fans have been left wondering if the manga series will continue after the death of the legendary author. Well, it’s hard to say what’s the fate of the Berserk Manga is a dying art form, but fortunately we have a new one. Berserk manga volume, and here’s everything you need to know about it.

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Honestly, we don’t know if Miura’s students would continue the author’s work with Berserk manga. Young Animal Comics has confirmed this. Berserk Manga would receive Chapter 364, the last chapter Miura ever wrote, on September 10, 2021 with issue 18/2021.

Confirmed Release Date for Berserk Volume 41

Everyone in the community is delighted that we have a new member. Berserk Chapter this month. Young Animal Comics recently confirmed this. Berserk’s Volume 41, which presumably includes the next chapter, will be released in Japan on December 24, 2021.

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In the official announcement, it is also stated that Berserk Volume 41 will also be available in a special edition. It will include a Drama CD & special canvas art extra (size 23.9cm× 8.7cm). Interestingly, you can pre-order the upcoming manga volume on Amazon starting now for ¥3,960 (approximately 36 USD).

Many fans believe that this would be the last. Berserk Manga volume is confirmed to be true. However, we can’t be sure about that since the official announcement doesn’t state that it’s the last volume.

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