New Naruto Ad Reimagines Anime as a Fantasy Isekai

New Naruto Ad Reimagines the Anime as a Fantasy Isekai

NarutoThe franchise may have ended, but it doesn’t mean that the franchise is over. Kakashi’s team is being discovered by millions of fans every month. This means that the original series is still making a lot of money at special events across the globe. Japan’s new collaboration just gave Team 7 the ultimate fantasy makeover for fans of isekai.

All of it was revealed in Japan. Naruto ShippudenA special collaboration with a cafe was launched. This stunt will bring some of NarutoTo hype the local anime fans and diners, they brought some of their most iconic stars to an Ikebukuro cafe. This collaboration, as you can see above, requested Naruto’s leads to be slipped into a fantasy AU.

Naruto is dressed in a headband, orange shirt and a belt as if he were a warrior or martial artist. Sasuke’s knightly appearance is complete with a sword, metal chest plate and a sabre. Sakura serves as a priestess and healer in Team 7. Given Pakkun’s appearance, Kakashi appears to be an animal tamer.

You can also see two other characters in the collaboration, as you can see. Itachi Uchiha looks like a dark mage, given his staff and robes. Minato wraps up the party in a polished look. The Fourth Hokage is able to stealthily play the role of the Fourth Hokage thanks to their generic look. A rogue or ranger might be a better fit for the hero.

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Visit this AU to experience it yourself. NarutoThis campaign is not available overseas. You can still find the original anime here if you wish to revisit it. Naruto AndNaruto ShippudenCrunchyroll streaming available right now 

What do you think about this special? Naruto collaboration? Is this a fantasy AU that suits anime? Comment below and send me a tweet @AnonymousAnime.MeganPetersCB.

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