News: A Turtle’s Shell Is an Animal’s Ribs.

A Turtle's Shell Is a Human's Ribs Anime Film Reveals More Cast - News

Official website for the anime movie adaptation Satoshi Kawasaki‘s A Turtle’s Shell Is Human’s Ribs (Kame no Kōra wa Abarabone) picture book revealed more cast members for the anime on Thursday.

The cast includes (left column to left column in the image above):

Hiroya Shimizu (photo left in image above) voices Kamerō Kameta (character left). Hayato Isomura (photo right) plays Eeruo Kaerukawa (character right). Both actors are making their voice acting debuts as both the characters and the voices.

Masa Mori (Obey me!The film was directed by scriptwriter Type ZEROShinichi Tanaka also wrote the script. Studio OutriggerThe project was developed.

The film will debut in Japan on 28 October.

The film was shown at Anime ExpoJuly 3rd and 4. Anime ExpoThis schedule describes the film.

“Huh? “Huh?
“The flamingo’s knee is reverse-bending, but it is still a human’s foot!”
The illustrated encyclopedia The Turtle’s Shell is the Human’s RibsBy Satoshi Kawasaki (SB CreativeThe book () shows what it would look like if the human body had the same bodily mechanics as other animals. This amazing book, which features the lives of animal humans, has received a lot attention and was a huge success in Japan. It’s finally been animated!

Ion Entertainment ASMIKAce first announced the film in January of this year.

In 2019, Kawasaki published the original picturebook.

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