News Navigator – How does the manga series Berserk continue after the death its author?

News Navigator: How is popular manga series 'Berserk' being continued after author's death?

This is a page from “Young Animal”, the 13th edition of the magazine. It informs readers that the serialization “Berserk” will resume.

The Mainichi Shimbun answers common questions about “Berserk,” the manga that has recently resumed serialization.

Question: Is it true the “Berserks” series is back, even though the author has passed away?

Answer: Yes. Answer: Yes. Kentaro Miura, the manga series’ author, died in May 2021 from complications of illness. Hakusensha, the publisher, announced in June that it would continue to deliver the story Miura started. It was still incomplete at the time of Miura’s death. Berserk’s serialization was resumed in the 13th issue, “Young Animal”, published June 24.

Q: Why was the manga serialized again?

A: Berserk tells the story of a main character using a giant sword to exact revenge. In total, more than 50 million copies have been sold worldwide. Hakusensha reports that Miura discussed the storyline he imagined for the series with manga artist Kouji Morai and other staff members, including the editor.

There are also notes with ideas and sketches for characters. “We were reluctant not to end his story without sharing them with his fans,” explained the editorial department. The series was written by Miura’s team under Mori’s direction.

Q: Do you know of any other similar cases?

A: Golgo 13’s creator Takao Saito died in September 2021, midway through the series. However, his wish that the serial continue without him was honored. Before his death, the manga series was made by splitting up tasks between specialists from each field. This is handled now by his production company as well as other parties.

Another example is Crayon Shin-chan. Yoshito Usui, the manga’s author, died in 2009. His former assistants and other people have helped to continue the manga as “Shin Crayon Shinchan”. Futabasha Publishers Ltd. claimed that it received constant phone calls and letters from fans asking for the manga’s return.

Q: These fans must be thrilled by it, right?

A: The manga artist’s death often leaves the series incomplete. The passionate support of fans seems to be crucial in order for a work of art to continue.

(Japanese original by Misaki Mookuma, Cultural News Department).

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