News: The Greatest Demon King is Reborn as a Normal Nobody Manga Ends

The Greatest Demon Lord is Reborn as a Typical Nobody Manga Ends - News

Manga adaptation of Myōjin KatōPublished February 2019, the first novel in the series by’s

The August issue Square Enix‘s Monthly Big GanganMagazine published the last chapter of Misuho Kobota‘s manga adaptation of Myōjin Katō‘s The Greatest Demon Lord, the Typical Nobody is Reborn as (Shijō Saikyō no Daimaō, Murabito A ni Tensei SuruMonday, September 24th: ) novels. The manga’s seventh, and final volume, will ship September 24.

ComikeyNorth America publishes the manga, and it tells the story:

What would happen to the greatest being in history if he reincarnated as Villager A. Varvatos, the Demon Lord, lives a life in which no one dares to intrude into his private space. In desperate search of friends, Varvatos decides to take matters into his own hands. He reincarnates as Ard Meteor three thousand years later, which is your typical nobody born in boonies. His passing was a shock to him. Magic has greatly declined since then, and the magic power that was average during his lifetime is now considered low.
Never-before-seen talent Will he find true friendship in a new normal life?

The manga was published by Kobota in Monthly Big GanganFebruary 2019,

Katō launched the novel series in 2017 with illustrations by Sao Mizuno. Yen PressEnglish publication of “School Heroic Fantasy” novel series.

The television anime adaptation of the novels was inspired by the books and premiered April 8. CrunchyrollThe anime was streamed as it aired on Japanese television.

Source: Monthly Big GanganAugust issue

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