Officially Announced Release Date for Nier Automata Anime Series

Nier Automata Anime Series Officially Announced, Release Date

One of the most successful and acclaimed sci-fi games has been Nier Automata. The franchise was nominated for many industry awards in 2017-2018. It also won lots of admirers beyond videogames because of its amazing aesthetic and experimental storytelling.

The story’s initial success led to many adaptations, including mangas and light novels. Many expected there to be an anime adaptation. We take a closer look at the Announcement and release date for Nier: Automata anime series.

Automata Anime Announcement by Nier

Today, February 23rd was the official launch of the Nier Automata Anime during a Livestream event celebrating the 5th Anniversary of the videogame franchise.

Following the official announcement of a Nier Automata animation, a trailer, Twitter account, and website were released.

What is Nier Automata?

The Nier: Automata series is set in a post-apocalyptic world where humans have created androids to fight against machines from other planets.

2B is a calm, calculated combat android who assumes the form of a female. She is accompanied on her journey by 9S, an android scanner that displays more emotion than cold 2B. They discover more about humanity than ever before as they battle through the world trying to understand human emotions.

Different narrative styles are used during the videogame playthrough. The game is a lot about replaying the story from different perspectives. As more of the motivations and background are understood, the results can change a bit.

The announcement video is a reminder that the anime will draw on both the videogame’s original story and the light novel adaptations.

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Release Date for Nier: Automata-Anime

No information has been provided about the release date of the Nier Automata animated series. It will likely take a while before we see the series on our screens, considering that the announcement only mentions the goal to make it.

Usually, announcements about anime are made at least one-year before the series airs. Given that there is nothing about staff or anything beyond one drawn visual, it’s likely they are at the very initial stages, so it might be even longer before we see this anime.

Automata Anime Studio – Nier

The biggest piece of news we’ve got is that Aniplex will handle the Nier: Automata anime’s production.

Aniplex is the most prominent and successful anime producer in Japan. It has supported popular series like Demon Slayer and Naruto over the many years they have been at the forefront.

The fact that Nier Automata has such a large producer at its helm should be a comfort to fans hoping for a serious anime adaptation of the series. Naturally, the focus will now shift to which studio and what staff members are involved in this project.

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