Officially Confirmed for Fall! Release Date and More!

Officially Confirmed In Fall! Release Date & More!


Kodansha, a publishing house, announced the Chihayafuru Manga Spinoff within its magazine issue. The manga, which is based upon the game of karuta and will give insight into the life and times of Chihaya Ase. This spinoff will debut in the fall of 2012. The publishers plan to make this the magazine’s highlight issue. It will be published with the final volume of the book on December 13, 2022. The makers have just announced the latest details.

Yuki Sutsugu is Yuki Suetsugu’s writer and illustrator. The serialization of the manga began in December 2007. Kodansha published the manga in its Be Love Magazine. On July 13, 2022, the 49th volume was published. Kodansha Comics also publishes the manga digitally. Let’s move on to the further details on the spinoff version of the original text!

Chihayafuru Manga Spinoff

Chihayafuru Manga Spinoff Announced!

The announcement for Chihayafuru Manga Spinoff came out through Be Love magazine’s September issue. The final chapter of the manga was published on August 1, 2022. The December issue will feature the manga spinoff. However, the spinoff manga also gets a place in volume 3 of the title manga. The December issue’s cover will feature the spinoff manga.

The manga’s spinoff series is a huge success with fans. The present day of Chihaya was the beginning of the original manga. The original manga only showed glimpses of Chihaya’s past. Fans will learn more about the characters in the spinoff manga. Three anime adaptations of the title manga have been done. But they didn’t visit Chihaya’s initial learning. HIDIVE also offers anime adaptations.

Chihayafuru Manga Spinoff

What’s The Plot?

The original story began with Chihaya, who had learned the kurta games. Her learning years will be explored in the spinoff manga. The times when she learned the game from Arata. Arata introduced her to the game and she got interested. The journey of Chihaya will take her from being a beginner to becoming a master-level Kurta player.

The separation of Arata (Chihaya) and Arata (Arata) will be part of it. Fans will weep at the thought of this heartbreaking separation between the two characters. Even glimpses of their separation in manga original were heartbreaking. Moreover, the spinoff manga will give an insight into Arata’s past. Is there a reason for his hostile nature? What is his origin? In the spinoff manga, all the questions will be answered!

Chihayafuru Manga Spinoff

Chihayafuru Manga Spinoff: Release Date

The Chihayafuru Manga Spinoff will make its debut in Be Love’s December issue. It will be released on November 1, 2022. It has been included in the 50th volume of the manga’s titular manga. The final book volume compilation will be available on December 13, 2022. The manga will be published as an additional story to the original manga. Continue reading The Anime Daily’s articles! For more updates, check out the articles below!


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