One Piece kickstarts Shanks’ Endgame at last

One Piece Kickstarts Shanks' Endgame at Last

The red-haired Shanks was to return for the 15th film in the trilogy One PieceIt seems like the former mentor to Luffy won’t wait too long to return to the franchise. The manga’s 1054th episode, which not only places Shanks back in the game, but also gives hints about the biggest adventure of the swashbuckler’s existence. The Straw Hat Pirates will be impacted by this new Shanks quest.

Warning. You have not yet read the most recent chapter One PieceYou might be better off skipping Chapter 1054 as we dive into serious spoiler territory.

Although the Shanks moments were subdued, Admiral Ryokugyu attacked several Straw Hat Pirates’ Allies in Wano Country. The battle is in its mid-swing and the chapter focuses on Shanks’ final game. He announces to Beck that it is time to steal the One Piece Treasure. Presently, the mystery surrounding One Piece has grown more complex. Wano Country took fans into the past, to witness Gol. D. Roger’s encounter with the legendary bounty. 

Shanks’s role in the upcoming movie One Piece: RedIt’s just as mysterious as the One Piece. Fans still don’t know if he’ll be friend to Luffy or foe when they face-to-face in years. The fifteenth film in the franchise will also feature the return of the red-haired swashbuckler. It will also introduce his daughter Uta. She is described as the “ultimate divas” and has been with Luffy since childhood.

Oda said that he believed in the power of prayer. One PieceIt would take another three years for it to end, so fans will have a wait to see how wild the final adventure for the Thousand Sunny crew members.

Do you believe the One Piece mystery will be solved sooner than expected? Which role do Shanks play in your opinion? One Piece: Red? You can let us know your thoughts in the comments, or reach me directly on Twitter @EVComedy for all things comics and anime. 

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