One Piece Unleashes the New Devil Fruit Power of Deadly Admiral

One Piece Unleashes The New Devil Fruit Power of Deadly Admiral

One PieceThe final chapter of the action manga series has been officially launched. This first chapter has shown what kind of Devil Fruit power the new Admiral has. Fans learned of a new Admiral who had been promoted by Sakazuki during the Reverie, when it was made clear how the World Government has changed since Luffy and his crew landed on Wano. It was revealed that the new Admiral had made his move before the end of the saga and was already on Wano’s shores looking for Luffy.  

In the previous chapter, Ryokugyu traveled to Wano to capture Luffy. This was in response to the Straw Hat Captain becoming an Emperor. The first glimpses of his Devil Fruit power suggested that he would be a deadly villain. The latest chapter takes it even further, unleashing his Devil Fruit, Woods Woods Fruit. This makes him an admiral and seems to be one of the most powerful in the World Government. 

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Chapter 1054 One PiecePicks up right after Ryokugyu had begun to tear his way through Wano’s outskirts. The Akazaya Nine remnants have intervened in order to keep him from disrupting Wano’s victory celebration. Ryokugyu discovers that he is carrying the Woods-Woods Fruit. This Logia he calls “nature itself”, given the immense influence forests have on nature. This power allows him to spread branches and make it difficult for other woodsmen. 

His views about the world are even more frightening than his abilities. Like many military foes, he believes everyone is guilty of crimes. He sees Wano citizens as being without rights, since they don’t belong to the government. Therefore, he is ready to kill any person who violates the law. He is a Logia-type with a strong mentality that makes him a great choice for the grand finale. 

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