One Punch Man Chapter 169 Release date, Spoilers Reddit Raw Manga Scan, Where To Read Online

One Punch Man Chapter 169 Release Date, Spoilers Reddit, Raw Manga Scan, Where To Read Online

One Punch Man Chapter 169 will soon be released. Get the release date and spoilers for this chapter

One Punch Man is the story of Saitama who fights for pleasure and can knock out any opponent with one punch.

One Punch Man is loved by manga fans all around the world. It features some of the most stunning fight scenes ever created, as well top-notch character design. It is undoubtedly a worthy selection in the top 21st-century manga series.

One Punch Man Chapter 169 Release date, Spoilers Reddit Raw Manga Scan and Where To Read Online

Fans are eagerly awaiting the next episode after 168 chapters have been published. Fans are eagerly anticipating the next episode as the ongoing storyline ended in the final episode.

One Punch Man Chapter169: GOODBYE Garou Release Date from TheAnimeDaily


Chapter 169 Release Date

Fans are eagerly awaiting the release of the next chapter. Chapter 169 from One Punch Man is due to be published on August 16th 2022. There have been speculations that it might be released earlier.

The last chapter saw Garou awaken the Gods, forcing Saitama into revealing his true identity. Garou scores some punches by imitating Saitama’s movements using the “Copycat” technique. Saitama can match Garou’s might, but over time, Saitama gets stronger.

Saitama is only concerned about losing his clothes in this chapter.

Saitama’s sneeze was startling. It could destroy Jupiter. Saitama’s “Serious Sneeze” assault can be avoided by Garou. If the Hero Hunter wants to avoid his fate, he must give up. Saitama follows him, much to Garou’s amusement. Saitama throws up due to a stomachache as  Garou gets near.

After defeating Garou, Saitama returned to Earth. He rejects the Hero Hunter. Garou discovers Tareo lying on the ground, and realizes it is the man he tried to save.

The “Ominous Future” is set off by Saitama’s reappearance. Saitama is sent back in time to when Garou has just obtained God’s strength. Saitama strikes quickly and deals a fatal blow to Garou’s face. This occurs before Hero Hunter emits radiation into the universe and kills many people.

Chapter 169: What to Expect

The internet has spread spoilers for the next chapter. In the next episode, we can expect to circle back to chapter 23 to Garou’s death. Saitama has subdued Cosmic AwakenedGarou.  Garou’s death is intended to send Blast and Bang to their knees. More fights and concerts are also on Murata’s agenda for the Monster Associationarc.

Stay tuned for more information about this exciting manga series.

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