Overlord season 4, episode 4 release date, time, where to view and more

Season 4 episode 4 release details (Image via Madhouse)

OverlordThe anime series is based upon a light novel series by Kugane Marsuyama. The anime has a large fan base since its first season. OverlordIts debut was in 2015, and the first season was animated at Madhouse, one popular and successful Japanese animation studios.

The fourth episode will air next Tuesday. Here’s what we know about the upcoming episode of Overlord.

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Overlord Season 4 Episode 4: Release details

This scene is so wholesome đź’– (via OVERLORD IV) https://t.co/6bYH4kWEnu

OverlordThis series follows a strict schedule. The next episode of the series will release on July 26, 2022. Crunchyroll will have the latest episodes of the anime series. Fans will have to subscribe to the aforementioned platform’s paid services to access the episodes on the day of release. Episode four could air at 10 PM JST based on the release of the previous episode.

The English dubbed episodes have not yet been released. However, fans can expect the dubbed episodes soon. Although the series follows a weekly schedule, it’s possible that the release date could be delayed by unforeseen circumstances.

Overlord The plot

It was the year 2126 when Yggdrasil, the most immersive and popular virtual reality game ever created, was launched. After a 12-year-long run, the game was due to be shut down. Everyone was ready for the servers being shut down. Momonga, the master of the dark guild Ainz Ooal Gown wanted to enjoy his final few minutes before the server was completely shut down. He was shocked at what happened just a few seconds later. Momonga was fully conscious despite the fact that time was running out. His guild’s headquarters was in the Tomb of Nazarick, and it seemed like it was transported to a different world.

Even more surprising was the fact all non-players developed unique personalities. Momonga cannot understand the events that took place. He later realized that he was trapped in the game and that he couldn’t log out. To find out the truth, he decided to start an investigation. AinzOoal Gown made some changes to the game’s rules to gain near limitless powers.

The story follows the psychology of a creature that is so strong that morality as a concept doesn’t seem to guide its actions owing to its massive power. What will happen when this creature kills innocent people to achieve its goals?

As 2022 progresses, keep checking for manga and anime updates.

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