Paramount+’s Honor Society: 10 Movies to Watch

10 Movies To Watch After Paramount+'s Honor Society

Gaten Matarazzo is enjoying one of his best summers. He kicked off the summer by reprising his role as Dustin Henderson in the highly anticipated fourth season of Netflix’s Stranger Things Broadway, back in Dear Evan Hansen, Recently, he made his Paramount+ debut as a star in the original movie Honor Society Matarazzo is a bit of a romantic interested for Honor, the main character. She desperately tries to defeat her academic competition to become the Harvard University guidance counselor.

Although the movie’s title may look like it is a typical coming-of–age story, many fans were shocked to find that it contained some surprising twists and surprises. It delivers an important message to viewers of all age. Although no other movie can pull off the same twist, there are some movies that have a similar theme, tone and tropes that lovers can enjoy after falling in love. Honor Society 


10Candy Jar (2018)

Jacob Latimore and Sami Gayle in Candy Jar

Candy Jar Although the movie was released on Netflix in 2018, it never received a significant audience. Lona is a high schooler who is introverted and has to co-president debate with Bennet. Even worse, they have to work together as the two were eliminated from the competition.

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Like Candy Jar in Honor Society When Ivy League admission is at stake, it’s all about academic competivity. Lona embarks on the same journey as Honor, as she and Honor learn more about each other’s academic backgrounds.

9Class Rank (2017)

Kate ponders her options in Class Rank

Class rank This unrated romantic comedy for teens about two teenage lovers who attempt to take over their local school board premiered at Newport Beach Film Festival in April 2017.

Honor and Michael in Honor Society Bernard and Veronica were among the highest academically ranked graduates of their class. While Bernard and Veronica are not as hostile to each other like Honor and Michael, they have a similar dynamic. They both want the best for their school and themselves.

8 Edge Of Seventeen (2016)

Edge of Seventeen nadine in front of school

Edge of Seventeen One of Hailee Sternfeld’s finest roles. This teen drama movie is about Nadine, a high-school junior who feels like her life is in turmoil when her brother begins dating her best friend.  Nadine’s best friend is busy so she is forced to meet new people and discover who she is.

Nadine & Honor have a lot to share, starting with the fact they both embark on a journey for self-discovery through their respective movies. They meet real friends and begin to live out their true lives. Both Honor and Nadine have interesting relationships with male faculty members. Honor’s relationship with her guidance counselor is more appropriate.

7High School Musical (2006)

High School Musical It is still one of the most beloved Disney Channel Orignal Movies and has been praised for 16 years. Musical comedy Troy and Gabriella is about two high school students who are from different cliques and fall in love. They then audition for the school musical and cause a disturbance within the drama club.

Surprisingly, the drama club plays an important role in Honor Society That is why High School Musical This is a great comp. Sharpay, Honor also share a lot in common. They are both competitive and hardworking women who will do anything to get what they want.

6 Love, Simon (2018)

Simon and his friends sit at a lunch table

Love, Simon Simon Spier is a gay teenager who has not yet come out to his family or friends. Simon meets an anonymous gay student online and begins to share his sexuality with him. He is determined to win the trust of the anonymous crush so they can finally meet in person.

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Although not the main plot line, Honor Society The film does feature a similar romance plotline, involving two male students. Travis, like Simon, has not yet come out to his friends but clearly is in love with a boy from school. The drama club is prominently featured in both movies.

5Mean Girls (2004)

Mean Girls This is one of our favorite teen movies and it will celebrate its 20th year anniversary next year. The comedy follows Cady, a homeschooled student who attends public high school. She is then taken in by The Plastics, the most famous clique.

While Mean Girls A different type of humor is used Honor Society Both films feature mean girls with their henchwoman besties. While Honor may not be quite as petty than Regina George, Honor could easily have been Regina George if she hadn’t changed her ways throughout the movie.

4 The F**k-It List (2020)

The boys in The F*** It List on the streets in the middle of the night

The F**k-It List Another underrated movie about coming of age deserves more praise. The story follows Brett Blackmore, an academic superachiever who is involved in a huge prank that forces him to reconsider his life choices. Brett is now free to pursue all of his goals, even those he didn’t want to do.

Honor has spent most of his high school years in books trying to get into Ivy Leagues. However, Brett soon discovered there is more to life that academic achievement. As they let go of the books, both these characters discover how to have fun and make friends.

3The Perfect Score (2004)

Darius Miles in The Perfect Score

The Perfect Score Can best be described as a movie about teen heists. The Breakfast Club The story centers around a group high school students who need to pass their SATs. The group discovers that their father owns the building in which the SAT answers are kept. They team up to steal the answers.

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Both movies are about characters who scheme to achieve academic success. This is the only way that they can measure their success as young people. Both movies are less about the heist/con than they are about friendship and self discovery.

2It’s 2020!

It’s possible to do it This is one of the best teen comedy movies on Netflix, but it is still very underrated. Quinn, a college-bound academic who excels at school, is shocked when her guidance counsel informs her that the college application she submitted doesn’t include anything that would make her stand out. Determined to change that, Quinn decides to try out for her school’s elite dance team despite the fact that she can’t dance.

Quinn and Honor share a lot, from their academic success to the determination to attend their dream schools. As they have fun, the young women experience similar experiences. Honor and Quinn both discover that there’s more to life than just fancy degrees, especially when it involves friendship.

110 Things I Hate about You (1999).

Patrick and Kat talk while sitting on swings in 10 Things I Hate About You.

10 Things I Hate About Yourself One of the most memorable teen Shakespeare plays ever made. The movie centers on Kat, an independent young woman who unknowingly is a victim of a long-con spearheaded by her younger sisters’ crushes so that they can date Bianca.

Kat is like Honor. She is independent and strong-minded, and she is counting down to the day when she graduates high school. When both women allow their guards to fall a bit, they discover that high school does not have to be the worst and that there are real friendships and relationships that can flourish.

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