Pokémon’s Dawn Has the Best Character Development of All the Girls

Dawn and her Piplup in the Pokemon anime

Everyone has a favorite Pokémon character. No matter if your favorite Pokemon character is from the Kanto trio or the original, everyone wants to claim that their favorite character has the most character development.

For years, there has been a constant debate within the Pokémon fandom: which of Ash’s female traveling companions has the best character development? While all the Pokémon girls are great and have different personalities – Dawn has the best character development, and here’s why.

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The New and Exciting Way Dawn Approaches Contests

When people think about Dawn, it’d be discrediting to other characters to say she was the first coordinator. May was the original coordinator in the Pokemon anime series and contests weren’t introduced in the games until the Hoenn Region. Sinnoh, Dawn and others get a lot. PokemonFan contests are worth waiting for.

Dawn and May have their own unique approaches to contests that reflect the regions they are from. May approach contests casually and wears her usual clothes instead of dressing up. This is quite common in Hoenn. May only changes her attire when competing at the Wallace Cup. Dawn performs in extravagant costumes and treats contests as a show.

Dawn begins her journey with a goal in mind

When Dawn first enters the scene, all the way back in her introduction episode, she leaves to start her Pokémon journey like every other trainer her age. As she is getting ready, Dawn daydreams of her goal: competing in contests. Dawn has a goal, just like Ash. Like Johanna, Dawn knows that she wants to be a top coordinator.

She is also different from the other girls traveling with Ash, namely May, Serena and Serena who find their motivation much later in this series. Before Dawn leaves for her journey, she’s also very ill-prepared; packing her suitcase full of clothes rather than handy items. Johanna scolds her and hands her a small backpack full of everything she’ll actually need.

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Dawn might be the first thing she does Pokémon She is determined to be a top coordinator but she’s not yet experienced in all aspects of the game. However, Dawn is extremely interested and shows eagerness for catching Pokémon?,He even fights Ash wins the chance to catch a wild Buneary. At first, Dawn can’t even throw a pokeball correctly. After some practice, she gets the hang of it and catches her second Pokémon, Buneary. Dawn also doesn’t “have a way with Pokémon” like some other characters in the series. As the Pachirisu dodges her pokeballs, she struggles to catch it. With the help of Ash, Brock, and many others, Dawn quickly comes into her own and catches a wide variety of Pokémon throughout the Diamond and Pearl series.

Dawn and other characters in The PokémonSeries are a way to learn from each other. Dawn quickly realizes she can’t do it all herself and must seek out help from her friends. In Pokémon DP, Episode 94, “Pachirisu Has A Fever”, perfectly exemplifies Dawn’s inexperience as a trainer. Pachirisu develops an electrical buildup in its body. Pachirisu is unable to get rid of the excess power and falls ill. Dawn and Ash leave while Brock refills his medicine supply. Neither of them understands what’s wrong with Pachirisu, and they start blaming each other for the Pokémon’s ailment. When Brock returns, he says they’ve misdiagnosed the problem; they were trying to treat a simple fever when Pachirisu has a build-up of electricity within it’s body.

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Dawn’s Confidence Plummets When She Loses The Hearthome Contest

Dawn doesn’t start out as a confident Pokémon trainer or coordinator. She doesn’t get along with her partner Pokémon, Piplup, at all when they first meet. Even after rescuing it and bringing it back to Professor Rowan’s lab in Sandgem Town, Dawn must learn a great Pokémon The strength of the trainer-trainer relationship is in the bonds they form together. Dawn and Piplup’s relationship slowly grows throughout the series, rivaling Ash and Pikachu’s.

Dawn isn’t confident in her abilities as a coordinator at the series’ beginning. Despite this, Dawn makes it through to the second round of her first contest at Jubilife. Dawn considers this a significant accomplishment and is proud of Piplup’s achievements. Even after her loss against Zoey and her powerful Glameow, Dawn’s confidence isn’t shaken. After she wins during the Floraroma Contest, she’s practically on Cloud 9. Dawn’s confidence level at its peak causes things to turn for the worse.

After Zoey teaches her how to use combination moves with her Pokémon, Dawn can’t seem to get it right. She works to perfect Buizel’s Ice Aqua Jet attack, but the move often breaks before Buizel can do anything. Ash and Buizel realize that Buizel is not interested in contests so they trade Buizel for Ambipom. Dawn is still unable to see clearly despite her new addition to her team. This leaves her devastated when she doesn’t make the second round at Hearthome City.

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This is where Dawn’s character really begins to shine. Dawn’s losing streak begins after Hearthome, taking a toll on her confidence as a coordinator and as a Pokémon trainer. During the Solaceon Contest, she doesn’t make it to the second round. Zoey tells Dawn she likely didn’t make it to the second round because, although the display of Ambipom’s Swift attack was pretty to look at, it completely overshadowed Ambipom, literally hiding it from the audience’s view. Dawn is not only heartbroken by her second loss, but she’s also angry at Zoey. Uncertain what to do next, Dawn decides to put aside contests and support Ash in his gym battles by cheering him on loudly during matches.

Dawn begins to regain confidence after fighting with Maylene, Veilstone Gym leader. Though she loses, Dawn starts training earnestly, working with her Pokémon to perfect combinations for the contest appeal and battle rounds. Dawn finally defeats May in Wallace Cup, and Dawn’s confidence is restored.

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