Ponytails are the Best Male Characters In Anime

on the left is aki hayakawa from chainsaw man and on the right is diluc from the game genshin impact

There are many long-haired individuals in this city. animeThere are many to choose from. don a ponytail. They will tie their long hair up when fighting demons and saving the world. Although many anime male characters prefer to let their hair down, it’s okay to have a neat ponytail.

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The famous thick ponytail Demon Slayer’sGiyuu to the fiery red hairstyle Genshin ImpactIt’s easy for fans to love the ponytails of male anime characters like Diluc. Although this list features some of the most beloved anime boys sporting long hair, there are many others that span a variety of genres.

8 Miyamura of Horimiya

Miyamura was introduced in HorimiyaHe is shy and lonely student. Hori then spots him outside school. Hori notices his lip piercings, multiple ear-piercings, and finds out that he is also a lip-piercer. As he conceals his secret tattoos beneath his clothes, he ties his black hair in a half ponytail.

He can show off his striking piercings with the ponytail, which he hides under his dark hair at school. When he meets Hori, Miyamura ends up cutting his hair shorter.

7 Itachi Uchiha From Naruto

Itachi Uchiha, the older brother of Sasuke Uchiha, is also a favorite character with fans. Naruto. Itachi is a member the Akatsuki and works with Kisame Hishigaki.

Itachi, a shinobi born to the Uchiha Clan, is a powerful member. He was traumatized by the Third Great Shinobi World War sights, which led him to believe in true pacifism. Because he is a Ninja, he decided to leave his clan and go to a new village. He is often called a Missing-nin.

6 Uta from Tokyo Ghoul

Uta was introduced in Tokyo GhoulHe is a mysterious man with many tattoos and piercings. He is clearly a ghoul, with his crimson eyes. As the audience discovers, he also makes custom masks for other ghouls. This includes the Ken Kaneki mask. While he tends to have a monotone look, he’s actually quite friendly. He creates masks to conceal the identities of the ghouls while they attempt to avoid the CCG investigators.

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Uta does not get as much screen time than the other characters. Tokyo GhoulHe is no longer a main character in the plot. Many anime fans wish Uta had been more prominent in the anime and gained more character development. But, alas, viewers only get a few scenes.

5 Diluc from Genshin Impact

Diluc is a character from the video game who plays pyro. Genshin ImpactHe owns Mondstadt’s Dawn Winery, and secretly guards the city in the disguise of the Darknight Hero. After a past event, he must stay hidden as he defeats his enemies. He is an angry man who enjoys a lot of bantering with Kaeya the cryo character and is dedicated to protecting the citizens of Mondstadt.

His famous bright red hair is tied in a ponytail. Genshin Impact update. Update.

4 Zhongli from Genshin Impact

Zhongli is a consultant to the Wangsheng Funeral Paralor and the vessel of Marox the famous Geo Archon. Zhongli is quite wealthy and can get a little lax about Mora. He doesn’t think about how much he spends, nor do he have enough Mora. Sometimes he has to rely on others for payment.

Zhongli is a living being for more than 6000 years. He has witnessed many memorable parts of Teyvat’s history, particularly the birth of the Archon War. As he wears an outfit that is inspired by Geo’s color scheme, his long dark hair flows in the wind. Zhongli’s character is revealed to players during a questline at Liyue in his homeland.

3 Kaien Cross From Vampire Knight

Kaien Cross, Yuuki’s adoptive parent, is the headmaster at Cross Academy. This high school houses both vampire and human students. He makes sure that the night classes appear normal, so that other students don’t discover that they are secretly Vampires. This is despite the fact that night class students are extremely popular amongst female students.

Kaien also took Zero Kiryuu with him as a child. This made Kaien the adopted brother to Yuuki Cross. He wants both humans and vampires peacefully to live in harmony.

2 Giyuu Tomioka, Demon Slayer

Giyuu belongs to the Demon Slayer CorpsHe is shown to the viewers as Nezuko tries to kill him. He doesn’t know about Tanjiro’s sister, Nezuko. And as a member in the Demon Slayer Corps it is his job kill all demons.

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Tanjiro strikes up a connection with Giyuu, and he notices that Nezuko was protecting Tanjiro’s brother, Tanjiro. He decides not to kill Nezuko. He is shocked that a demon would protect a human. He believes that all demons, evil or not, are evil and will kill people at any opportunity.

1 Aki Hayakawa From Chainsaw Man

Aki is a Public Safety Devil Hunter. Chainsaw ManMakima tells him to keep an eye out for Denji, the Devil Hunter. Denji’s antics are overwhelming for him, as well as his strong personality. Aki is a very stern character.

Due to the fact that his family was murdered by the Gun Devil, he takes his role as a Devil Hunter very seriously. Aki has a contract signed with the Future Devil and Curse Devil. He also used to be a contract signee with the Fox Devil.

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