Prelude Does Not Have the Magic of the Anime Series


Returned in 2019Fruit BasketThe series was revived in order to more accurately adapt the manga of the same title. However, the series was ended in 2021. There are still many episodes. Fruits BasketThere are many stories to be told. A new film Prelude: Fruits BasketThe film,, is currently showing in selected theaters. The romance between Katsuya, Kyoko and Tohru is the focus of this film. This could have been a charming slice of anime that would appeal to both old and new fans. However, it is unclear what story this film tells. Prelude to Fruits BasketThe audience is more concerned with the content than what Katsuya or Kyoko are focusing on.

Prelude: Fruits Basket The story of Kyoko and Katsuya’s meeting reveals more about Kyoko’s complicated past with school, family, gang and school. Also, it reveals the blossoming romance between Kyoko and Katsuya. Fans of the anime will be able to see a summary of how the anime ended. This will include a focus on Kyo’s and Tohru’s relationship. Although the recap is meant to be a catch-up for new viewers, it raises more questions than answers and throws the reader right into the middle. Long-standing fans will find the review redundant as it takes close to 30 minutes for Kyoko to tell her story.

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Kyoko is an intriguing and complex character. The original series perfectly captures her complexity. The series revealed that she was both an extraordinary and flawed person. This prequel is not up to the mark. A film about her childhood should be a great success. The film is primarily about how they feel about one another. Shojo anime is not afraid to use inner monologues. However, it works better when the characters are more familiar and fans have the opportunity to spend more time with them. In a short film like this, romance feels more forced than natural.

These inner monologues are a detriment to the relationships. The animation is beautiful, however. The animation style has a romantic touch, much like the 2019 anime. It is smooth and easy. The characters seem to be expressing their inner feelings through everything around them. This atmospheric approach works well in the film’s favor and allows fans to see why they fell for each other. However, all the narration makes it less authentic.

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Katsuya’s age gap is another issue. This significant difference makes what could have been a sweet relationship into a dangerous one. Kyoko is in middle-school when she meets Katsuya. Katsuya is a student teacher who quickly transitions into the workforce. Katsuya, on the other hand, was an adult who was in a position that gave power to Kyoko. The movie also shows how the society isn’t accepting of their relationship and the age gap. There are jokes about the Lolita complex, how Katsuya blames Kyoko because Kyoko was born later than him, and most disturbingly, Katsuya admitting to Kyoko that he didn’t act sooner because she was in middle-school, but he still planned to keep her. The couple’s relationship is characterized by numerous red flags. The movie attempts to romanticize the predatory relationship and contrast it with Kyo and Tohru.

It is possible to accomplish the same goals as the film with Katsuya, Kyoko and Kyoko without having to focus on an adult falling in love. The plot could be almost identical if he had been an upperclassman and teacher’s assistant who hears Kyoko’s pleas for help. It’s really a shame because Kyoko’s handling of Katsuya’s death and how it affects her parenting is one the film’s most heartbreaking and compelling moments. But, their relationship is so creepy, that it undercuts the film’s strength.

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It would have been too much to handle focusing on Kyoko’s past in a band and her time as a single parent. But there might have been interesting parallels between Kyo and Kyo, who as outsiders finally find a sense security and home with Tohru. Although the movie attempts to relate Kyoko and Kyo’s stories it fails to mention the Katsuya issue and the slow pace.

Both fans and critics were enthusiastic about the event. Prelude to the Fruits Basket Although Kyoko’s history is just as fascinating as Tohru’s and Kyo’s future, all of it is overshadowed and narrated by the central relationship. Fans get a short epilogue that pays tribute to Tohru, Kyo and their relationship. Unfortunately, the movie shows that not all things can be left behind.

Prelude: The Fruits Basket is now showing in select theaters.

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