Prime Video Cancels The Wilds

The Wilds Cancelled By Prime Video

Following its recent cancellation, season 3 of The Wilds, an original Prime Video series by Sarah Streicher, is not coming back.

Prime Video Original Series The Wilds, will not return for season 3. The Wilds is created by Sarah Streicher and follows a group of teenagers who become stranded on a deserted island after their plane crashes. Surprise twist: The crash was secretly planned as a social experiment. The Wilds Other than similar survival series. The show is part of Amazon Studios’ attempt to reach young-adult viewers, an increasingly sought-after audience in recent years.

Deadline reports that Prime Video has cancelled The Wilds After two seasons. This will be the series’ final episode. It was broadcast on May 6, along with all of season 2. The WildsThe cancellation was just announced to the cast and crew.


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However The Wilds gained a lot of attention when it first debuted in 2020, it seems that wasn’t enough to earn the series a season 3 renewal. It was a long transition period between.The WildsSome viewers may have lost interest in the first season and second season (roughly one year and a quarter), which could explain why season 2 did not perform as well. For those sad to see The Wilds go, Showtime’s YellowjacketsThis may be their next obsession. It starts with the same premise, but it takes a completely different path. Regardless of whether another streamer or network picks up, viewers will need to follow the story. The WildsHowever, it is unlikely that there will be a third season.

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