Purple Hearts Ending explained in detail

Purple Hearts Ending Explained (In Detail)

The resolution of Purple Hearts is fairly straightforward, but some aspects of it can be confusing. Here is what Purple Hearts’ ending means.

For a romance movie, there are surprisingly high stakes going into the end of Netflix’s Purple Hearts. Both Cassie (Sofia Carson) and Luke’s (Nicholas Galitzine) lives are on the line in some fashion when they enter their marriage of convenience. They are facing a lot of odds and it seems unlikely that the outcome will be in their favor. Luke and Cassie’s love is able to overcome all adversity by Purple Hearts’ conclusion, but the couple’s happy ending comes with some questions attached.

As you can see, the relationship between Cassie, a musician struggling to make it in life, and Luke, a soldier seems doomed. Purple HeartThe worldviews of the two main characters are vastly different. They marry for the benefits. Cassie requires health insurance to properly manage her diabetes, while Luke requires extra cash to settle an old balance. Luke is wounded in combat and Cassie and Luke have to live as a married couple to hide the truth. As they get to know one another, the lines between real and fake emotion blur. Their blossoming romance is threatened by the truth behind their marriage.


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Everything that can go wrong does by the end of the Netflix film. The truth about Luke and Cassie’s marriage is outed by Luke’s former drug dealer, Johnno, who has been blackmailing Luke with the information throughout the movie. Upset Luke did not tell her the truth about his past, which led to Cassie’s mother being threatened by Johnno, Cassie ends their arrangement and throws Luke out of their apartment. Luke is then charged and tried for fraud by an MP, with the potential for Cassie to be tried as a civilian for her involvement in her and Luke’s arrangement. Ultimately, Cassie and Luke’s love overcomes the insurmountable odds they face. Although the ending of their story is straightforward, some aspects are not.

Why Johnno Outed Luke & Cassie (Despite Getting Paid)

Though Luke settles the score with Johnno by paying his debt at the end of Netflix’s Purple HeartsJohnno finally exposes Luke, Cassie and their falsification of marriage to get benefits. It is not clear why Johnno would do it despite already receiving the money. However, the film gives small clues into why Johnno might have revealed some truth about Luke or Cassie’s marriage. While Luke and Johnno’s relationship is tense and at times volatile in Purple Hearts, the movie hints that they once had a much closer relationship. Johnno meets Luke for the first time after completing basic training. He is friendly and invites Luke to have a drink with him. It is when Luke rebuffs him by saying he is clean from drugs that Johnno’s attitude towards Luke shifts, and he reminds Luke that he owes him money. Luke’s rejection of their former friendship and outstanding debt already soured interactions between Johnno and Luke, but their tumultuous relationship at the end of the movie comes to a head when they get in an altercation in a parking ramp, after which Johnno reveals the true nature of Luke and Cassie’s marriage. Although Johnno had already been paid in full by Luke, he likely chose to out Luke and Cassie to get revenge on Luke for ending their previous friendship and for their fight in the parking ramp (of which Luke is the victor), leading to Luke’s arrest for fraud.

Why Luke Pleads Guilty in Purple Hearts

Purple Hearts Luke

Luke was aware from the beginning of the dangers of entering into a marriage of convenience. He initially opposed the idea, but he eventually accepted it because he owes Johnno a large debt. He is aware that Cassie could face civil charges for her participation in the Netflix romance scheme. Since Cassie and her mother were both at risk, it was his past that led to him feeling guilty. Because of this and his growing feelings for Cassie, Luke attempts to atone for his mistakes by making a statement at the trial that he coerced her into a marriage she did not know was illegal. Luke plead guilty to save Cassie. He is sentenced to a six month term and disgraceful discharge.

Why Cassie Goes Back To Luke In Purple Hearts’ Ending

Purple Hearts Cassie

Luke’s plea guilty at the trial for Cassie’s involvement in their plot to get married is clearly affecting Cassie. He continues to be on her mind in the subsequent days between the trial and the start of Luke’s sentence, as shown by her rewatching their wedding video before her concert at the end of Purple Hearts. During the concert, Cassie performs “I Didn’t Know”, a song in Purple Hearts she wrote about her relationship with Luke and growing feelings for him. As she sings, her vocals and delivery become noticeably more emotional over the course of “I Didn’t Know,” and Cassie realizes that she really does love Luke. Cassie rushes after her concert in order to meet Luke just before he is sentenced. Both of them come to an agreement before Luke is executed.

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What the Purple Hearts Credits Scene Suggests

Purple Hearts could have ended with Luke and Cassie’s reconciliation, but the movie also includes a credits scene, which is one of the most ambiguous parts of the movie. Cassie is seen hanging a new flag next to her existing collection on her apartment’s balcony that reads “Welcome Home,” signifying that six months have passed since the movie’s ending and Luke is returning from serving his sentence. Cassie, Luke and their dog Peaches head to the beach. Here, Cassie gives Luke his wedding band, which he gave her for safekeeping when he left, and which reveals that she got his name tattooed on her ring finger. This exchange affirms Cassie and Luke’s commitment to each other. However, it isn’t clear if they’re on a honeymoon or just enjoying a day on the beach. Purple Hearts’ credits scene shows that Cassie and Luke’s marriage is officially real, based on love rather than convenience.

The True Meaning Of Purple Hearts Ending

Purple Hearts

Purple HeartsIt’s a romance at the surface. The Netflix movie is about the importance of being open to new perspectives and experiencing life in order to be the best version possible. Cassie initially was resistant to getting help and had a negative view of love. But her relationship with Luke has helped her trust others and gain a more positive outlook on romance. Luke was haunted from his past actions when he first met Cassie. But his marriage has allowed him to become the man Cassie always wanted to be. The end of Purple HeartsThis shows that, even though it is difficult, love can thrive between seemingly unlikely subjects and that their lives are ultimately happier because of it.

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