Record attendance at Tampa Bay Comic Convention

Tampa Bay Comic Convention expects record attendance

TAMPA — Everywhere you look it’s characters you’ve watched on tv or in movies, or have seen in the pages of comic books come to life.

“We homemade everything. We tried our best to get it as perfect as possible,” said Andrew Titcomb Morales who came dressed as The Flash.

His wife was dressed as Frost and said “it’s a blast.”

Gary and Shelly Howman were together for their third date at a comic convention.

“There’s a lot more to see and do when you are at them now then when we went. It was very small places usually,” Shelly said.

They’re still going strong 46 years after they were founded.

“My being able to put up with it and be a geek too yea,” said Shelly.

“We are definitely geeking out this weekend,” said Gary.

Tens of thousands of people attend the event, which takes over large portions of the convention center for the entire weekend.

The organizers expect this to be their largest show in Tampa.

It’s also a great chance for area businesses like Pirate Moon Creations to sell their stuff.

“COVID and now we are back. We’ve got a bunch of stuff to do. We are trying to do as many conventions as we can locally.” said Brendan Ross.

“The families are coming out. Parents and their children. And they’re raising them to be this pop culture bubble type of thing. It’s awesome. And it’s cool to be a nerd and a geek. It used to be that people were bullied for doing so years ago. Take a look at us. Now, look at us,” said voice actor Kyle Hebert.

Tickets starting at $30 per person for the convention run through Sunday More information is available at Tampa Bay Comic Con.

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