Release Date for Berserk Chapter 368: Delayed: Predictions and Spoilers

Berserk Chapter 368 Release Date Delayed: Predictions & Spoilers

As if we thought the series would never be completed, so too the Berserk manga has now returned to wide praise from fans – but for how long? Here’s everything you need to know about BerserkChapter 368 includes the release date, predictions, and spoilers.

Who is writing the Berserk Manga Moving Forward?

It is confirmed Berserk will be written by Kentaro Miura’s assistants and overseen by mangaka Kouji Mori.

Kentaro Mura, the original creator of mangaka. BerserkAge 54, he passed away on May 20, 2021. It was not known at the time if BerserkWho would write or would it be completed? BerserkContinue forward

Hakusensha, the publisher, confirmed that BerserkThe following credit will be added to the resume:

“Original work by Kentaro Miura, Manga by Studio Gaga, Supervised by Kouji Mori”

Studio Gaga is Miura’s studio, under which sat his assistants and others working on Berserk. Thus, the manga will be continued and updated by the team that worked with it. Berserk previously.

Kouji Moi is the mangaka most well-known. HolylandHe is a manga on psychological martial arts. He is also a friend of Kentaro Mura and has previously had many conversations with him. Berserk’sAbout the creator

Hakusensha’s statement explains that there are no manuscripts left by Miura. However, he did discuss how he wanted the story ended, both to Mori as well as his assistants.

Berserk Chapter 388, Release Date

BerserkFollowing a minor hiatus, Chapter 368 will finally be released on August 12, after which it was republished.

BerserkThe article is published in Young Animal Magazine which publishes bi-monthly, as opposed to Shonen Jump’s weekly releases. Young Animal Magazine is published on the second and fourth Fridays of every month.

It was widely reported BerserkAfter chapter 367, we would take a one-issue rest. No specific reason for this break was provided, although we assume it’s so the new team has enough time to create the chapters as Kentaro Miura would have wanted them.

Young Animal Magazine will publish its July 22nd issue without delay. Berserk. Then, BerserkShould be back in the next issue on Friday August 12th.

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Berserk Chapter 368, Spoilers, and Predictions

We do not have any details about this. BerserkChapter 368 is not yet available. It feels like chapter 367 was a big step towards the next, and possibly final, arc. Berserk.

Once again, Griffiths is the bad guy and, by extension, Guts’ primary target going forward. Depending on how much story there is to go, many fans are starting to plot a course towards the story’s conclusion.

Hakusensha published six chapters that would close the Fantasia Arc Chapter. Elf Island Chapter has three more chapters. It is then that a new storyline will be created.

It is hard to imagine how long this team would be content continuing. Berserk. Miura did share some ideas and the story’s conclusion with Mori, but with each new chapter and storyline, the further they will go from Miura’s core idea.

Perhaps this one-issue break is an acknowledgement of how much effort they’ve put into keeping Berserk going so far and to ensure they keep on Miura’s path.

Fans are however confident that BerserkYou are in the best hands. The reaction to the new chapters has been wholly positive, with particular praise for how to story captured Miura’s essence, leaving more questions than answers.

Sometimes, manga spoilers are available a few days before the chapter’s release. If there is any more news on chapter 368, we’ll update this page.

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