Release Date for Murder at Castle Nathria, Hearthstone Expansion

Murder at Castle Nathria Release Date, Hearthstone Expansion

Hearthstone is undoubtedly one of the most beloved digital card games. Since its release in 2014, Hearthstone has received regular updates in form of expansion packs. The latest Hearthstone expansion, Murder at Castle Nathria is now available and has a release date. It will be out very soon. We have the exact Release date for Murder at Castle Nathria Hearthstone Expansion packageHere are all the details regarding this update.

Murder at Castle Nathria Release Date, Hearthstone Expansion

When will Castle Nathria be released?

Murder at Castle Nathria should be available on Tuesday, August 2nd 2022. The expansion will be available at 10 AM PDT in America, while European players can expect to play it at 6 PM BST that day. Release times vary across platforms and regions. This means that PC players in the US will receive it first, while European and Android players will follow suit later. This Hearthstone expansion has no planned downtime, unlike other Blizzard titles that are only available after maintenance is completed.

The Murder at Castle Nathria is a mystery murder case. Murloc Holmes and Watfin are now tasked with solving the mystery of Sire Denathrius’ murder. Your job is to snoop around the Castle Nathria in search of clues, and you also have to question ten legendary suspects in order to find out what really happened and who – or what – murdered Sire Denathrius, and for what reason. There will also be 135 new Hearthstone cards released. They are divided into Warlock and Demon Hunter, Paladins, Warriors, Priests, Shamans, Shamans, Rogues, Shamans, Shamans, Shamans, Hunters, Mages, and Neutral.

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