Rent-A–Girlfriend Season 2 Episode 5. Release Date and Timing

Rent-A-Girlfriend Season 2 Episode 5 Release Date And Time

We saw the new season of Rent-A-Girlfriend just a few short weeks ago. It continues from the end of the previous season. Now as we approach Episode 5, the ups and downs in Kazuya and Chizuru’s relationship continue to befall. Ruka’s appearance in the previous chapter made things even worse for their relationship, so fans are eager to find out how they work through these troubles in Episode 5 of Rent-A-Girlfriend Season 2.

Even before the conclusion of the last season, the new season of the series had been approved. Fans have been excited to catch the new episodes. The second season of the series will have 12 episodes. It’s the same length as the first. And as the manga of the series is getting new chapters at the current time, it’s easy to conclude that the show will continue for more seasons.


On April 5, Episode 5 of Rent-A-Girlfriend Season 2 airs. Friday, July 29th 2022You can also call it: Saturday, July 30th 2022, depending on your location. It will be broadcast on several local channels, including ABC in Japan and TV Asahi Japan. Crunchyroll licensed the show for international audiences. As the series will follow a simultaneous release schedule, the timing of the episode’s release will vary according to your location. So. here’s the exact timing the episode will follow:

  • Pacific Time: 11:30 am PST (July 29, 2018)
  • Central Time: 12:30 PM CST (July 29, 2018)
  • Eastern Time: 2:30 PM EDT (July 29th).
  • British Time: 7:30 PM BST (July 29, 2018)
  • Indian Time: 12:00 AM (July 30th).
  • Australian Time: 4:30 AM AEST, July 30th
  • Japan Time: 3:30 AM JST (30 July 30th).

Recap of Season 2 Episode 4 of Rent-A–Girlfriend

Mami approaches Kazuya and asks if she is responsible to rent Chizuru. He denies it. Mami then asks Kazuya if she is responsible for him renting Chizuru. He denies it. She then leaves. Mami leaves while she’s on her way. However, Mami becomes mad at him for lying and insults Kazuya. Ruka decides to go to Kazuya’s apartment and cook a meal for him. While she is at Kazuya’s place, they hear the news about a strong typhoon hitting the area, due to which she decides to stay at his place for the night.

Kazuya is swayed by Ruka’s cuteness and starts to admire her, but suddenly, she pulls out a condom. Kazuya attempts to fall asleep, but Ruka is beside her and begins to cuddle him. Ruka begins to realize that Kazuya is a nuisance and denies ever having a physical relationship with him. Kazuza feels relieved that Ruka has left the place in the morning. She believes Chizuru is still asleep. It turns out, she was actually listening to everything all the time.

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