Review of Season Two’s Most Viral Moment by Tanjiro’s Actor

Tanjiro's Actor Reviews Season Two's Most Viral Moment

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no YaibaThe series has grown to be one of the most popular shonen series, surpassing manga sales for Eiichiro Oda’s One Piece. This year’s Anime Expo was held earlier in the month. Tanjiro’s voice actor had the chance to answer fans questions and also dive into his reaction when he watched the first battle between his character, Gyutaro, and the demon Gyutaro.

Hanae covered the Demon Slayer panel of this year’s Anime Expo. She talked about the biggest fight in the Entertainment District Arc and also confirmed that Tanjiro had grown significantly since the events at the Mugen Train Arc. 

Hanae brings up Tengen as Hanae asks Hanae about the Entertainment District arc, as Tanjiro battles Gyutaro with his sister. Hanae is asked about the scene. Tanjiro is stronger in Mugen Train, he says. He inherited something from Rengoku.

Hanae then talks about his new Hinokami Kagura maneuver. He said that he had no choice but to stop breathing to make this move work. It was a fascinating scene to perform. Although Tanjiro was stronger, his enemies were just as strong. Hanae believes they must get rid of it. Hanae saw a young girl who was Gyutaro’s sister. The actor believes he might be able to take them. Maybe.”

Tanjiro spoke out about his reactions to Gyutaro’s fight and how he felt when he was there.

Hanae is asked how he felt while watching Gyutaro against Tanjiro. It was amazing, but he also cried, which was unusual. Hanae was excited to see all three heroes fighting together for the first time.

Demon Slayer third season will tackle the Swordsmith Village Arc which is sure to throw plenty of challenges at Tanjiro and his friends which might just rival the battles that took place within the Entertainment District.

What was your favourite fight from the second series of Season 2? Demon Slayer? You can let us know your thoughts in the comments, or reach me directly on Twitter @EVComedy for all things comics and anime related. 

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