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InuyashaFamous mangaka Rumiko Tahashi’s popular series. Original publication: 1996 to 2008. InuyashaAn anime adaptation of the manga was released in 2000. The series aired for 167 episodes. Between 2009 and 2010, the remaining manga was adapted into 26 episodes of an anime series called Inuyasha: The Last Act. Sunrise, the animation studio that was adapted a decade later Inuyasha— Created a sequel series called Yashahime, Princess Half-DemonThe focus of the book was on the children of Inuyasha’sOriginal main characters ran from 2020 to 2022.

The premise of InuyashaThe story originally focused on Inuyasha’s destructive love triangle with Kikyo, Naraku and Inuyasha. Inuyasha was the most notorious Sengoku villain. Prior to the story’s main events Kikyo had been a powerful miko, a shrine maiden, who was responsible for purifying the Shikon no Tama, a powerful jewel with the deadly power to grant any wish. Youkai and corrupt people alike sought the power of the jewel, including Inuyasha, a thief called Onigumo, and youkai.

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Inuyasha’s constant pursuit of the gem led him to meet Kikyo multiple time and be defeated every time. He eventually lost interest in the jewel, and fell in love again with Kikyo. They began a romantic relationship. Onigumo was also severely injured during this time, which Kikyo helped to recover. Onigumo was obsessed with Kikyo. He offered his body as a sacrifice to youkai, becoming the hanyou known simply as Naraku. Onigumo, who was Naraku, killed Kikyo while he was disguised as Inuyasha. This made it possible for the Tree of the Ages to seal the body for 50 years.

Kikyo reincarnated again as a young girl named Kagome Higurashi, in Japan’s mid-20th century. Inuyasha was able to reunite with her when she was brought back into the Sengoku era from Japan by a centipede demoniac. Naraku, Kikyo’s soul, and Shikon no Tama returned with Kagome to the Sengoku Era. They unleashed terror on many and it impacted many lives. This group includes a Buddhist monk named Miroku as well as a demon-slayer named Sango and an orphaned, fox youkai named Shippo. They all joined forces and destroyed Naraku.

Yashahime, Princess Half-DemonThis story takes place just over a decade later than the events described. Most of the main characters have children and marry. Inuyasha was married to Kagome, and they had a daughter called Moroha. Inuyasha’s brother Sesshomaru married Rin and had twin daughters, Towa (and Setsuna) with Rin. Towa, who was growing up with her sisters, was separated from her sister. She ended up in Kagome’s original world and was adopted her brother Sota. Setsuna lost all her memories of her sister and became a demon-slayer with her cousin Moroha. Ten years later, the same centipede-demon that brought Kagome into the Sengoku era facilitates a reunion of the twin sisters, but it is not smooth.

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The manga adaptation, Yashahime: Princess Half-DemonVol. 1 by Takashi Shiina follows the same storyline and characters as the original anime. It does however depart from the original anime’s tone and its execution of plot and character development. Both are admirable. InuyashaAnd the YashahimeAction-adventure anime are characterized by humor and drama. YashahimeThe humor is a key ingredient in manga adaptation.

Shiina’s writing attempts Rumiko Takahashi’s storytelling style, but it lacks the pacing and strikes a poor balance between the story’s more dramatic and humorous parts. Moments that should be more emotional don’t land and can read almost like parody.

The artwork is another thing that can’t help with the humor/drama balance. Shiina’s style of art is very similar to the original. YashahimeThe anime presents characters as parodic versions of themselves, to the point that the manga’s most emotional moments are lost in execution. Kaede, Kikyo’s younger sister, is the most prominent example. InuyashaThe series is presented as a more tragic figure while the voice of reason is portrayed as an advocate for change. The series is presented as a more tragic figure and depicted as a voice of reason. Yashahimemanga by Shiina. She’s depicted in stereotypical grandmother figures whose thought processes border on absurdity, similar to Kagome’s grandfather.

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Action sequences are a strength of Shiina’s artwork. Shiina’s panel layout is a great skill. She does a fantastic job of showing the action in fluid and dynamic ways, such as the scenes depicting Moroha, Setsuna, and Towa fighting youkai. This allows readers to get a sense of how fast and powerful youkai are. Shiina’s art is particularly effective at showing Towa’s extraordinary abilities and how they are different from her classmates of the modern era.

Although action sequences are Shiina’s greatest strength as a visual storyteller and storyteller, the first volume his manga adaptation fails to pace: Two-thirds of the story spends on exposition while only one third of the manga actually moves it along.

All in all, Yashahime: Princess Half-DemonVol.1 is an interpretation by Takashi Shiina of an anime series. Although it follows the same premise as before, it doesn’t quite replicate it. However, it fails to capture the essence. InuyashaFans of anime may be disappointed by the struggles of franchise characters and their inability to pace and execute ideas.

Author: Takashi Shiina

Release Date: June 21, 2022

Price: $9.99

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