Saki Achiga-hen episode side-A Manga Goes On Hiatus – News

Saki Achiga-hen episode of side-A Manga Goes on Hiatus - News

Manga temporarily stops to maintain good balance with main Saki manga

August issue Square Enix‘s Monthly Big GanganSunday’s issue of the magazine was revealed Aguri Igarashi‘s Saki Achiga hen episode of side AThe magazine will take a break from spinoff manga in its August issue. This is to “maintain good balance” with other publications. Ritz Kobayashis main Saki manga. The magazine will inform you when the manga will continue at an unknown date.

The Saki Achiga hen episode of side AManga is about a different cast at Achiga Girls’ Academy in Nara prefecture. The manga was published in Square Enix‘s Monthly Shōnen GanganThe magazine was launched in 2011 but went on a long-term hiatus starting in 2013. It returned seven years later, in March 2020. Monthly Big Gangan. Square EnixThe eighth volume of the manga’s compiled book was shipped in November 2021. It will be shipped on September 24.

Igarashi also draws another. Saki spinoff manga titled Shinohayu is the dawning of an age. The manga was published in Monthly Big GanganIn September 2013, and continues to be in effect. Square EnixThe manga’s 14th volume was shipped in November 2021. The 15th volume will be shipped on September 24.

Saki Achiga hen episode of side AThe television anime adaptation of the manga inspired a 2012 TV series. The manga inspired a television anime adaptation in 2012, as well as live-action films and television series adaptations. These premiered in December 2018 & January 2019.

Yen PressPublishing the original Saki manga in North America digitally.

The original manga inspired a series of television anime episodes in 25 episodes. Saki – The NationalsPremiered in 2014. The four-panel spinoff manga was published in 2014. Saki BiyoriThe manga inspired an anime DVD in 2015. In December 2016, a live-action TV adaptation of the manga was released. A live-action film followed in February 2017.

Source: Monthly Big GanganAugust issue

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