Sarah Snook & Demi Lardner Board Hulu Animated Series – Deadline

Sarah Snook & Demi Lardner Board Hulu Animated Series – Deadline

Sarah Snook (SuccessionThe cast of the Hulu animated comedy series will now include Demi Lardner (Australian comedian) and a new member, ). Koala Man, it was announced during the show’s panel at San Diego Comic-Con on Thursday.

They join an already announced cast that includes Michael Cusack (who is also the creator, executive producer, and actor), who voices multiple characters, including the titular character and Liam his son, as well Hugh Jackman, who plays Big Greg.

Snook portrays Vicky, who believes her husband Kevin is going through a phase. While she tolerates Koala Man, she hopes Kevin will snap out of whatever bizarre mid-life crisis he’s going through. Vicky sincerely loves Kevin for his reliability, but now that his Koala Man duties are making him less reliable, Vicky’s questioning if settling down was the right choice. She sees how dedicated Kevin is to being Koala Man and, as the school canteen lady, feels like she’s missing having a passion in life.

Lardner portrays Alison, Liam’s 35-seconds-older twin, who has an almost sociopathic preoccupation with being popular. Alison is a manipulative, determined, and ruthlessly intelligent person. She’s got a list of all the coolest kids and a plan to destroy them so she can rise the ranks. Alison is determined to become The Most Powerful Girl at School, despite her distance from Vicky, Liam, and Koala Man.

Koala ManFollow middle-aged father Kevin and his not-so secret identity. His only superpower? A burning passion for following the rules and eliminating petty criminality in Dapto. Although the suburb may look like any other Australian suburb it is home to evil forces cosmic and man-made that are ready to take advantage of unsuspecting Daptonians. Koala Man is always on the lookout for ways to help his town. He often ropes in his disgruntled family members into his efforts. He’ll do whatever it takes to defeat villainous masterminds, supernatural horrors, or worse: jerks who don’t take their rubbish bins down on the proper days.

Michael Cusack, creator and animator of Aussie cartoons, is the one behind the series.YOLO: Crystal Fantasy, Smiling Friends) – who also voices the titular hero –And executive produced by Solar Opposites and Rick and MortyJustin Roiland is the co-creator. Detective Pikachu – PokemonBenji Samit and Dan Hernandez are writers.

Executive producers for Princess Bento are Emma Fitzsimmons, Michael Cowap, and Dana Tafoya Cameron. Bento Box Entertainment has Ben Jones, Joel Kuwahara and Dana Tafoya Cameron as executive producers.

Koala Man20th Television Animation produced this video for Hulu.

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