Season 4: The Boys Cast Firecracker and Sister Sage

The Boys Casts Firecracker and Sister Sage for Season 4

The third season The BoysAlthough the Amazon original hit has just ended, Season 4 is already in the works. As The BoysThe show is gearing up for its next season. Its cast will grow by a few names The BoysThe comic will introduce two new characters to the series that were not part of the original comic. 

The BoysIt was announced that Monday, The Lost Symbol‘s Valorie Curry and DelilahSeason 4 will see the addition of Susan Hayward and Curry to the series’ cast. Curry will portray Firecracker the superhero, while Heyward will play Sister Sage. The characters and their roles in the series are not known at the moment. Cameron Crovetti has been promoted as a series regular for Season 4 so you can expect Ryan (Homelander’s son) to play a larger role.

Fans will also be interested in knowing if Jensen Ackles will make a return at some point during Season 4 to play the role of Soldier Boy. We are speaking with EWEric Kripke, the showrunner, made it clear that the door was open.

“Never kill anyone, unless you really, truly have to,” says Kripke, an old TV adage. Kripke said, “Never close a door. Open a window.” We’ll all have the opportunity to see what happens, but I don’t think we can imagine the series ending without Soldier Boy.

Soldier Boy wasn’t the only character who escaped the current storyline. Queen Maeve lost the power she had and ended up with a happy ending. She moved back to New York with her ex-girlfriend, and finally got out of Homelander and the Seven.

“I never considered killing Maeve at any point, starting from the very beginning.” [of the series],” Kripke told TVLineIn a recent interview. “We intentionally built a happy end for her, always for a lot. One, she deserved the happy ending. Believe it or not, The Boys are a moral universe. When you make the right decisions, you get rewarded. Elena deserved a happy ending.”

The first three seasons The BoysPrime Video streams live.

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