Sebastian Stan is utterly unrecognizable in BTS image from new movie

Sebastian Stan Is Utterly Unrecognizable In BTS Image From New Movie

Sebastian Stan looks completely unrecognizable in facial prosthetics during the first glimpse of his A24 film, Aaron Schimberg’s A Different Man.

Sebastian Stan is completely unrecognizable wearing facial prosthetics in the first look at his upcoming A24 film, A Different Man. He is most well-known for his role in Marvel Cinematic Universe as Bucky Barnes (also known as the Winter Soldier), and his latest appearance in Disney+. The Falcon and Winter Soldier. Stan has also recently turned in a few intriguing performances on Hulu as the Mötley Crüe drummer in Pam & Tommy, which earned him his first Emmy nomination, and as a charismatic cannibal in the feature film, Fresh.


These are the following FreshStan is about to embark on another horror-tinted thriller. The film was directed and produced by Aaron Schimberg and A24, an independent studio. A Different ManThis is the story of Edward who, after years of being rejected, decides to have his facial reconstructive surgery. Following the procedure, he becomes obsessed with an actor starring as him in a stage production based on his former life. The psychological thriller cast Stan in June 2022 with plans to begin production the following month.

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Now, the first look at A Different Man has surfaced online and the MCU actor looks utterly unrecognizable in the role. Shared via Sebastian Stan’s official Instagram page, the 39-year-old actor can be seen wearing a series of facial prosthetics which significantly alter his appearance, reminiscent of John Hurt in The Elephant Man. Below is the BTS image

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Stan is not the only one. A Different ManStars are also available The Worst Person in All of the World‘s Renate Reinsve and The SkinAdam Pearson (the latter, who collaborated previously with Schimberg on Schimberg’s last film) is’s Adam Pearson. Chained for life. Also a British television presenter in addition to an actor, Pearson has been open about living with neurofibromatosis type 1 and the vicious bullying he has endured throughout his life. Based on the first look at the film, it can be surmised that Stan will be playing Edward, a character with same genetic condition who eventually undergoes undergo facial reconstructive surgery, and Pearson will be the one who portrays his character in a stage play.

Considering Schimberg’s past work and Pearson’s casting, A Different ManIt is important to treat sensitive subjects with care and thoughtfulness. The film could explore the societal stigmas surrounding those suffering from deformities, and will likely avoid misrepresenting them monsters as the horror genre has in the past. This is the time to make it. A Different Man The film is currently in production and could see a theatrical release in mid-2023.

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